This Week

This week has been another happy week.  We started out with a flurry of cooking and crafts for a Monsters, Inc./Monsters University double feature family movie night.  When we do a special night like that, it always makes the kids feel very loved and happy.  (I’m going to detail some of our recipes and activities in a separate post soon!)

monsters inc

This is an interesting time of year for us because the only subject we’re using review items in is science, so we’re free to do whatever we want to until January, and it’s interesting to see what curricula the children pick up and continue and what projects they prioritize in this time.

We’re continuing with the preschoolers’ Little Hands to Heaven curriculum.  (Owlet loves the fingerplays, the music CD and the Bible stories.)  This week, we did a little counting with it, and the children were supposed to draw one stripe in each box.


We also used q-tips, tempera paint and coffee filters to make colorful stripe paintings.  At Firecracker’s suggestion, we used all primary colors (but then he decided to do dots instead of stripes! LOL).  This is because our Bible story was Joseph’s coat of many colors.  If you’re looking for a fancier project, we made some fun macaroni necklaces last time we went through this Bible story.


Monkey, on the other hand, prefers the Easy Peasy Getting Ready 1 curriculum for learning the alphabet.  This week, we used it to begin learning that “E is for Elephant.”

e is for elephant

He also was very interested in starting Christmas crafts this week, and so we made our own toliet paper roll nutcrackers.


Speaking of Christmas crafts, we made Grinch masks and ornaments.  This was Rose’s request, and I think they turned out pretty cute!

grinch ornaments

We also did a bunch of Lego related stuff.  Rose suggested that we make Lego people self-portraits.  How could I say no to such a brilliant idea??

lego people

The kids also played with a lot of Legos and mini-figs.  These are their time machines!!


Firecracker worked some on making felt plushies.  He made an adipose from Dr. Who, and he’s begun a Raichu from Pokemon that he’s still working on.

making toys

And we’re going to be seeing much more Pokemon in our lives because the children have begun watching the original Pokemon series on Netflix.  Firecracker is making a Pokemon notebook where he has been finding coloring pages to go with each Pokemon and then writing a little about them as a “dictionary” entry.

pokemon book

Firecracker also used the perler beads to create a few Pokemon and Kirby.  Rose did a more abstract perler bead creation.


We continued working through our science program.  We did another experiment to learn that air takes up space.  We learned a little about alchemists and we found some examples of matter around the house.


We continued working on our +2 math wrap-up.  These kids are getting fast!!

math wrap ups

We continued on with history this week.  We finished the men of the age of industry.  We also finished a Never Girls book called Wedding Wings that was really fun and sweet (and kind of funny!).  I taught in Sunday School about the things that distract us from God, and remembered to snap at picture of some of Hubby’s fun drawings.  We also started counting down to Thanksgiving.  This little calendar comes from the Countdown to Thanksgiving I reviewed a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve read a couple of the stories from it as well.


I guess that’s about it for our week.  How was your week?


One thought on “This Week

  1. Ooh great crafts this week. I never tire of doing them. Would like to make a bookshelf of the years crafts if I could. I’m visiting from Weekly Wrap up.

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