This Week

I feel like we got back into a rhythm this week that we’d been missing a little.  It’s not that we did more or had showier projects.  We were just happier.  I was happier.  Happier is almost always a good thing 🙂

We worked a little on our addition facts this week with our addition wrap-ups and addition mastery workbooks.  Rose has greatly improved since the last time we worked, and she was very excited by it.  She’s still working on mastering the “+2” facts, but I feel really good about her improving math skills.

addition mastery

The little kids worked some more on circles this week.  We made circle dogs.  The big kids made some too because they were like puzzles, so it was great fun for everyone.

circle dogs

We also did “D collages.”  I gave the children a sheet of Ds that I had printed off of Google image search.  The little kids glued theirs onto a circle.  The big kids used theirs to write words that started with D.

d collages

Speaking of circles, the little kids were really into making some dot marker art with dot markers and some cute Thanksgiving dot marker printables from Crystal and Co.  We used cotton balls and paint for the colors we couldn’t find (or didn’t have) dot markers for.

dot markers

While they were in painting mode this week, we used our fingerpaints to draw some letter Ds.

fingerpaint d

They’ve also been doing some dry erase marker drawing.  They’ve drawn plenty of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse drawings.  I’ve also seen them draw some “Wererabbits” as we watched Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit for family movie night this week.

dry erase

While the little kids were drawing with the dry erase markers, the big kids were drawing pictures of what the hymn “Doxology” brought to mind using the Count Your Blessings hymn study from Not Consumed.

give thanks

They also finished Day 2 of Purposeful Design, and drew what this day of creation brought to mind for them.

purposeful design

They also tried to wow their Daddy and me at Snake Oil.  I’m pretty sure that they were mostly wowed by their Daddy’s skills at salesmanship 🙂

snake oil

We’ve also continued working through our science chapter on matter and considered whether or not air has weight.


We’ve been back in our Artistic Pursuits curriculum and we’ve done two lessons out of it this week at Firecracker’s request.  I really love Artistic Pursuits too, so I even contributed my own art projects to the art making.  It seems to flow better when I do things too, because Rose has more persistence with a project and Monkey completes his work at a higher level if I’m sitting at the table drawing or painting too.

Our first project was an oil pastel landscape.  In the book, we were supposed to go outside and draw actual landscapes, but the children wanted to make up imaginary landscapes from the Never Girls books that we’ve been reading, so that’s how we adapted it to our lives 🙂  There were a few tears because Rose felt she couldn’t be as detailed as she would like with her teapot house and fairies with the oil pastels, but I attempted to show her how to color with the edge of the pastel to make the sharper lines.

oil pastels

Our second Artistic Pursuits lesson this week was on portrait painting.  We all used watercolor crayons, except for Rose who prefers watercolor pencils.  When we first started using this curriculum I made her use the watercolor crayons instead of the pencils, but that just made me and her both miserable when she didn’t want to do the curriculum because she hated the crayons!!

portrait painting

We’re also planning to do a “double-feature” family movie night in the near future with Monsters Inc. and Monsters University, so  the little kids are contributing by making their own masks.  (I’ll write more about our movie night next week!)

monsters inc

I also have a few miscellaneous pictures that didn’t have a home that I’d like to share about our week.  (1) Since I hadn’t  downloaded my Halloween pictures when I wrote last week’s wrap-up, this is our trick-or-treating picture! (2) All the art this week had us doing a lot of talking about color mixing.  This is actually one of Monkey’s interest areas right now.  There’s a great Curious George Mix and Paint game that allows you a lot of experimenting with colors without the mess. (3) We’ve started studying the men of industry of the late 1800s for history.  The kids were pretty fascinated with Eat My Dust! Henry Ford’s First Race.  It is a very well-written reader about Henry Ford as a young businessman, and I was glad that our history program introduced us to it. (4) Continuing with Daniel.  We’re actually almost done and will be studying Revelation after Thanksgiving (5)  Monkey and Owlet have been fascinated with mazes recently, even though many are too hard for them.  I found them some great Thanksgiving mazes at Activity Village. (6) Firecracker has used a little of his spare time to make construction paper turkeys, proving that we’re going to go straight into Thanksgiving from Halloween.


I guess that’s about it for this week.  I had my last two reviews for the Crew year post yesterday and Monday, so you should definitely go check them out, especially if you’re interested in Snake Oil  or Purposeful Design.  I’m also very excited to be able to tell you guys that I’ll be returning to the Review Crew for the 2015 Crew year, and I’m looking forward to getting started again after Christmas!! Next week, I’ll be posting a top ten list of my our family’s favorite reviews we did in 2014, and sometime between now and the end of the year, I promise I’ll spend some time reflecting on what our year was like as part of the Review Crew in 2014.

I have a couple of book reviews (with giveaways!) coming up later this week and I also have some fun blog posts coming up of some activities I’ve been meaning to write about over the next few weeks.  So, how was your week?


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