A Day in the Life: October Edition

Welcome to my October version of “A Day in the Life!”  I was worried that I wouldn’t remember to record a full day, but I decided to record a day, and it turned out that the day I remembered to record was my birthday!!  So, this is what we did October 27, 2014.

7:20 am–I get up and starting working on blog stuff.  I have a bunch of reviews and things due in early November, so I’m needing to make sure that I take an consistent hour (or more) to work in the morning.  I spend some of that that time drafting, editing, posting, and buffering out social media updates.  Is there anyone who gets more bored with the idea of going on Facebook or Twitter than a blogger?  Or am I the only one?

9:00 am–Decide I’d better take a shower before the children are up

9:15 am–I sit down to breakfast (leftover cookie cake) and to study my Bible.


9:17 am–Firecracker is the first kid to wake up.  He starts talking about a new video game my sister bought him, but he remembers to wish me Happy birthday!

10:00 am–Rose gets up and gives me a birthday present from her.  Before the day is out, she’ll have made me three different birthday presents.  I’m touched by her love.  She inspires the other children to make me cards and drawings as well.


10:35 am–I start working with Firecracker on his Daniel workbook.  Firecracker is very grumpy about copying his Bible verse.  The other kids start drawing and coloring while he’s sits and grumbles and complains about long verses.


11:22 am–Firecracker finally finished copying the two verses that are his memory verse for the week, and is ready for actually studying his Bible.  (I want to note that on a day he was feeling more motivated this week, it only took him 10 minutes to copy his verses.)

11:44 am–Bible time with Rose!!


12:05 pm–We work on some workbook pages reflecting on day one of creation from our Purposeful Design book.

purposeful design

12:15 pm–I start getting everyone dressed to go to lunch

12:58 pm–We actually leave the house to go meet my parents and sister at Wendy’s for my birthday lunch.


2:23 pm–I get home to another birthday card in the mail and birthday wishes on Facebook.  The children figure out how to charge their glow in the dark Wendy’s toys and take them into the bathroom for playing in the dark.  I start to browse Pinterest for a Halloween craft idea to do with the children.

2:40 pm–A friend from Community Bible Study calls me on the phone to see how my marriage retreat weekend was 🙂

3:10 pm–I actually start making ghost paintings with the children.

ghost paintings

4 pm–I search Pinterest again with Firecracker and order a couple of science supplies off Amazon for an experiment he wants to do.

4:30 pm–We watch a Ted.Ed video about Vampires: Folklore, Fantasy and Fact on You Tube.

5:10 pm–We started working on witch drawings

witch drawings

5:40 pm–My mother-in-law and nephew come by with cookie cake and a card for my birthday!


6:05 pm–Hubby said we could have takeout for dinner for my birthday! Yay!  So, I order wings and and start helping the children clean the living room.

6:20 pm–Started working on finding an activity to teach my children at Community Bible Study on Wednesday.

7 pm–Ate dinner and the children wanted to watch Scooby-Doo since they’d received Scooby-Doo toys at Wendys.

7:25 pm–Cross-stitched while we watched Scooby-Doo, and then decided to let the children have a little time on the Wii.

8:30 pm–Decided to go take a nice relaxing bath.

9:03 pm–Offered the children a snack of cookie cake!!

9:25 pm–Make the children take care of their cat and start getting ready for Bed.

9:40 pm–Time for bedtime stories!  All Halloween related!!


10:10 pm–Time for bed for the kids and this Momma too!!


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