Homeschool Spending: The October Edition

Last month our spending was on a hodgepodge of materials that I had planned to use for unit studies and stuff that I wanted to strew across the kids’ path for some more teacher directed learning.  However, October is a totally different month, and you’re going to see why in just a minute.  Most of our homeschool spending is going towards completely interest-led projects and fun fall field trips!

We started getting my older son, Firecracker, a monthly box of fun designed for science fiction geeks and gamers from Loot Crate as a reward for good behavior.  Sometimes we’ll be using some of it for “school activities” and other times we’re just going to be using the crate for fun.

As it happens, in his very first crate, Firecracker received a tribble (from Star Trek), and as a result I had to teach him about what a tribble is….and make even more tribbles for all the children.  We watched all the tribble episodes of Star Trek off of Netflix and Amazon, and then I designed a unit around it.  Here’s what I spent on our Tribble unit study:

  • Star Trek Tribbles Customizable Card Game = $9.73 (For math and strategy skills!)
  • Food bought specifically for Tribble related recipes = $9.67 (Math, science, life skills)
  • Fake fur to make more Tribbles = $25.95 (Crafts, math, life skills)  We had some leftover cloth for future projects.

We also finally finished reading all the Bunnicula books that are in print/existence.  My children decided to go with reading Sherlock Holmes next.  After much dithering, I decided to purchase a used version of the complete two volume collection of Sherlock Holmes adventures, a Dover activity book and a set of Dover paper dolls.  I’m afraid that the Sherlock Holmes novels are going to be above their level, so I’m hoping the activity book and paper dolls will help us bring them to life. (English, math, literature, history, etc.)  Total cost = $22.47.

We took a field trip to our local county history museum for a program called “Museum of Mysteries.”  There the kids learned to fingerprint and identified mystery objects from inside the museum. (Science, history)  Total cost = $13.00.

We went to a local dairy farm called Carlton Farms.  There we saw a petting zoo, went on a hay ride, fed cows, went through a corn maze (that was cut out in the shape of the theme from Hunger Games), and we played on their playground.  We also learned more about their farm and how they raise dairy cows. (Science)  I’ve never seen Monkey be so brave around animals.  Total cost = $33.00

Our printer ran out of yellow ink this week, and since we use the printer exclusively for printing homeschool and church related stuff, I’m putting the ink cartridge expense down here.  Total cost = $29.97.

I bought Rose some premade flipbooks after her frustration with trying to use index cards to make a flipbook.  Total cost = $4.99.

We’ve also been reading some books in The Never Girls series of fairy books.  We already had four books sitting on our book shelf, but I ordered three more (and pre-ordered two additional ones), a puzzle book and an interactive journal (literature, writing, logic and reasoning skills) = $43.81.

I bought Film Canisters  to make alka seltzer rockets off of Amazon for $8.50.

I also bought the Because I Said So and Count Your Blessings Bible Studies from Not Consumed for a total of $13.49.

Before the end of the month, I had run out of Magenta printer ink, black printer ink and computer paper.  Total cost to replace everything was $92.00

I also bought two plastic grocery bags full of miscellaneous Lego pieces from a friend who was cleaning out a collection for my children to use during “school” and free play time = $20.00

I bought a biography of Antoine Lavoisier: Founder of Modern Chemistry for a little more in-depth study of someone who our science book recommends we study.  Total cost = $7.66.

Total cost for October: $334.24

Year to Date (Sept.-Oct.):  $440.42

I could tell that this month’s spending was on the outrageous side because my budget feels it whenever I have to buy printer ink and paper!!  A lot of the stuff I bought we’re still using, so we’re actually not doing bad, and everything I bought is getting used, so even as expensive as it was, this was a better spending month than September!!  Here’s to praying we don’t spend much in November though because we spent more than we could afford this month. 😀

I also received some free resources to use in our homeschool for review purposes this month.  These are:

  • If He Had Not Come 
  • Purposeful Design
  • Snake Oil
  • Great Science Adventures: Discovering Atoms, Molecules and Matter
  • Great Science Adventures: Discovering the Human Body and the Senses
  • Unwrapping the Greatest Gift
  • Countdown to Thanksgiving

Some of these are being used extensively in our homeschool at the end of October and early in November.


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