Countdown To Thanksgiving (Review)

I know many of you know that I enjoy using the holidays for homeschooling and family inspiration.  Somehow, when the leaves start changing my brain clicks off of anything that isn’t related to Thanksgiving and Christmas for a couple of months and Thanksgiving and Christmas become our primary school.  So, each year I’m always looking for good Thanksgiving and Christmas resources to share with my children so that their education can continue during the holiday season.

Today, I’m going to share with you the curriculum that I’m going to be using for History (and lots of fun!!) this Thanksgiving Season.   As you might remember, I reviewed Golden Prairie Press’Heroes and Heroines of the Past earlier this year (Click here to read my review.)  I loved the way that Amy Puetz told history by focusing on the people while mixing in crafts, cooking and musical fun.  So, when I realized that she had a new Countdown to Thanksgiving coming out, I knew that it would be the resource that I would want to use to celebrate Thanksgiving with my children.

Countdown to Thanksgiving

Countdown to Thanksgiving is an 88 page Thanksgiving study that is meant to span the fourteen days leading up to Thanksgiving.  Each day has a story to listen to, and then, there is an activity to do with your children.  This may be playing a game, cooking a recipe, making a craft or singing a song.  There’s also at least one picture study and a quiz over your family’s Thanksgiving knowledge.  Other than gathering supplies, you won’t need to do any work ahead of time because Puetz already has the days broken down for you.  All you have to do is open the book and follow the plan.  I love this aspect because who really needs more planning in their life around the holidays?

If you follow the plan for days, a regular day with story and a game or song will probably only take you about 30-45 minutes.  If there’s a craft or a recipe, I find it’s helpful to plan in a little more time for the activity, but you’ll still be done with your Thanksgiving activity in about an hour.

This book is aimed at elementary and middle school students, but I think the activities and stories will appeal to most students.  I imagine that how it will work in my house (my children are 9, 7, 4, & 3) is that my younger two children will color while I’m reading the story (and will absorb what they will) and that all four children will eagerly participate in the activity.  I find that as I’m reading through the stories, that they even appeal to me and I’m learning new things that I didn’t know about Thanksgiving!

If you’re interested in this book, this year the countdown will begin on November 13th, so you’ve got plenty of time to buy it and try it out!!  Golden Prairie Press sells both ebook and physical copies of this book, so you can choose.  I will confess that, although I usually prefer a physical copy of a book, the ebook has color illustrations and the physical book has black and white illustrations, so when I buy from Golden Prairie Press, I usually get the ebook!

This week, Golden Prairie Press is offering a special sale on Countdown to Thanksgiving, so if you use the code “THANK” between now and November 7th, you will receive $5 dollars off your purchase price.  Regular price is $17, and the sale price for this week is $12, so this is quite a deal!


Disclaimer:  I received an ebook edition of Countdown to Thanksgiving from Golden Prairie Press.  I wasn’t required to write a positive review, and my opinions are my own.  My link to the main site at Golden Prairie Press is an affiliate link, but the direct link to the product is not, so if you plan to purchase, you choose which link you’d rather use 🙂


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