October Cross-Stitch Update

I realized this month that I had better get some of my stitching finished into ornaments if I’m really going to have new ornaments for my tree this year.  I went simple on my “Santa Ho-Ho-Ho” ornament.  I simply mounted it onto flat sticky mountboard with green felt for the backing and added a simple crimson ribbon.  He’s not “the perfect” ornament, but I’m happy with the way he turned out.


I also finally put this little guy, who is dragging lots of presents into a little frame.


I framed this miniature lady for my bedroom.


I finally finished off the cute penguin I stitched a couple of months ago into an ornament.  The hanger and trim is simply braided floss that is wrapped around the ornament a couple of times.


I also finished off one of the bird ornaments that I stitched a couple of months ago into a pillow ornament.  Here it is.


I did some stitching too.  I stitched another little ornament called “Roly Poly Rudolph” from Cathy Habermann.  This is beautiful bright-red 30-count liberty linen from Weeks Dye Works.  All the threads are either from Weeks or The Gentle Arts.  I really think his little chubby self is so cute!!


I stitched an ornament called “Star So Bright.”  This one is unusual for me in that it uses mostly Crescent Colors threads.  It’s my first project that uses those threads, so I thought that was cool.


I stitched another reindeer.  This one’s called “Believe.”  It’s on 32 count  and is stitched over one.  That made for a very densely stitched little project.


I also stitched a double-sided ornament called “Peace on Earth.”  It uses all gentle arts threads, and I think it’s going to be beautiful when I get it made up into an ornament.


I also finished a little stitching for an ornament called “Thankful.”



I’m happy to have had such a productive month with these little stitches. I’m going to be focusing some on finishing off these stitches too this week so that my tree is happy in December as well 🙂


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