This Week: English, History and Halloween Fun

I felt like I spent the entire week this week playing Dragon from Logic of English!  I was surprised and pleased when I looked around and saw all the other things we’d managed to accomplish during the week since my impression of the week was totally one of phonogram cards! LOL  I didn’t think we’d ever come back to Logic of English, even though we really enjoyed our time playing with it when we reviewed it (You can read my review here.)  The pace of the spelling rules introductions was just becoming too rapid and frustrating for Rose, so it wasn’t fun anymore and we set it aside.  A few months makes a great deal of difference though, and Rose asked for Logic of English several times this week.  We focused on remembering adjectives and nouns, doing some dictation and composition with some spelling words that Rose had found incredibly frustrating a few months ago.  She was ready to work hard decoding and sounding out the words this time around, and I was very proud.

I also introduced compound words to the children, and showed them how combining just the words that they knew how to read into compound words would greatly expand the amount of words that the children are able to read.  I think this also will help Firecracker’s habit of giving up after the first syllable of a word when reading.

Logic of English

The big kids also decided to work through some of our Veritas Press history course this week,and we added the fifteenth amendment to our timeline notebooks.  I really like the way they’re turning out.  In the history we studied this week, they learned about Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington.


Speaking of history, Rose really made me smile this week when she used Legos to make a “time machine.”  She totally used her Veritas History song as the places that her time machine visited, and it was so funny hearing her go around the house saying, “Now let’s visit Jacksonian Democracy!” or something like that.

Rose also learned how to make a sock cat, and I sacrificed one of my favorite pairs of fall socks for “Pumpkin Pie” cat.  She needed a little help from me to get the pieces together, but she did all the basic sewing and stuffing on each piece.


Firecracker was also back into the “doll” making this week.  He uses the hot glue gun instead of sewing his, but he managed to make four different Pokemon characters this week.  I’m pretty sure he has more he wants to make this week.

pokemon plushies

We also continued our Halloween vibe by creating bunches of cardstock masks.  You can find the pattern for the printable for these masks here.  Because I’m actually writing up this wrap-up at the beginning of Halloween week, I can tell you that I plan to try to give them this whole week to try out a bunch of different things on my Halloween Pinterest board and their own ideas, so look for more Halloween fun next week 😀

mask making

Another Halloween thing that the children did that was very cute was to make these great printable folding cats and pumpkins.  This was another printable pattern that I got here.

paper cats and pumpkins

The preschoolers continued to work on the letter D this week.  Monkey got better at recognizing Ds, and I think that’s awesome!

D hunt

We also made these D is for dog pictures .  For some reason, I only thought to make each of them one eye, so they’re more like cyclops dogs, but the kids loved them!

D is for Dog

We also made Ds out of macaroni.  Fun, right?

Macaroni D

I also remembered I had some Kumon workbooks hanging around on a bookshelf (because I’ve been going through and decluttering some books we don’t need right now), so the little kids have had a great time cutting and folding this week.  They’ve also spent time side-by-side drawing in the dry erase board and the chalkboard while I’ve been doing Logic of English with the older kids.

preschool skills


I guess that about does it for this week.  My hubby and I spent all weekend at a marriage retreat, and I heard that the boys and girls all had lots of fun with grandparents, aunts and uncles while we were gone.  I hope your week was fun and your weekend was blessed too!!


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    1. I think that’s why I feel like I “must” write my wrap-up, even if I don’t write anything else! LOL I’ll send Rose your compliments. She watches me sew all the time, so she’s always assumed that she can too 😀

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