Clued in Kids Review

Sometimes homeschooling is hard work.  You don’t want to lose that “fun mom” status, but between math, English and trying to keep some sanity in your house, that “fun mom” title is slipping away pretty quickly.  That’s why we all, even those of us who lean towards the more relaxed spectrum of homeschooling, need some learning activities that are just fun.  That’s where Clued in Kids comes in.

clued in kids

Clued in Kids is a company that is dedicated to creating fun treasure hunts to make math, reading, social studies and logic skills practice fun and social.  The creator of this company wants to make treasure hunts as a fun and enjoyable way of learning and of having kids actively experience life together.  You can read more about her story here.  Because, as many of my regular readers know, I tend to want to make learning fun, I was excited when I received the opportunity to review two Clued in Kids treasure hunts.  I received the Halloween Treasure Hunt and the Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt.

Both of the treasure hunts I received were PDF printable hunts.  The Halloween and Thanksgiving Treasure hunts are each $5.99 and are appropriate for children four and up.  I used each one with all four of my children who are ages 9, 7, 4, & 3.

The two hunts were similar in many ways.  When I printed them out, each hunt had 12 clues and printed two to a page.  There were two additional pages to print (or not), the first page with the title and instructions and a final page that’s a reminder as to where you hid the clues if your children get stuck in the middle of a hunt and you can’t remember where you hid the next clue.

The hiding places are easy and sprinkled throughout the house.  For example, in the Halloween hunt, I hid clues with children’s socks, toothbrushes, the dishwasher, bikes, etc.  With the Thanksgiving hunt, some of my hiding places included with the hairbrushes, bikes, in the freezer, the bathtub and in the pantry.  The only thing that would be a specialty item to buy with either hunt (other than the treasure) would be a pumpkin to go with the Halloween hunt, and I don’t think you’d need to buy a pumpkin.  You could print out a pumpkin picture or pull out a pumpkin decoration that you have for use with this hunt.

I set the hunts up a couple of weeks apart on our Bible study mornings.  That way the kids wouldn’t see me setting things up for the hunt because they’d be too busy getting ready for Bible study.  Then, we could come in and I could give them the clues when we got home.  This was a very popular idea in our house!!

sample clue

So, each time I gave the children the first clue and they were off!!  The clues were varied.  Sometimes you’d have to complete a sentence.  Other times you’d have to answer questions about the holiday.  Still other times you’d have to find images hidden in a picture, complete math problems or break simple codes.  There were even challenges for the children to complete that were related to the holiday that the hunt was based on.

We found both hunts to be fast-paced, fun and to provide great practice of the children’s math and logic skills.  The only problem that I had was the children fighting over whose turn it was to answer the clue, and this was actually a problem I could have solved by following the author’s handy hint of putting the name of the child on the clue who was supposed to solve it.  She even provides a space for it on the treasure hunt!  That’s a problem I’ll remedy next time we use one of the Clued in Kids hunts by following the directions.  Learn from my mistake 🙂

a candy prize

These are beautiful hunts.  They’re incredibly fun and well-done.  I loved that we had two hunts, and among the two hunts the same hiding place for a clue was only used twice.  It really kept the children guessing, and they were engaged in doing the type of work that, given a worksheet, they’d groan and complain about having to do.  Using these hunts, I could be the fun mom that I love to be when doing activities with the kids without a lot of work or fuss for me.  I loved that and I loved the hunts!

If you’re wanting to try the hunts out, a great way to do it is to sign up for the Clued In Kids newsletter.  When you do, they’ll send you a free Homework Reward Treasure Hunt so that your children can get started hunting right away!  Of course, with all the printable hunts to choose from, you can pick several hunts and get started hunting!

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