Rise Up: A Call to Make Jesus Famous (Review)

Just Rise Up

I’ve recently  had the pleasure of reading Just RISE UP!: A Call to Make Jesus Famous by Sarah Francis Martin.  As part of the InScribed series of Bible studies for women, Martin’s book is more than just a book to read about Jesus.  It’s a call to study, journaling and action.

Just RISE UP! focuses on David’s words of praise in Psalm 145.  Through these words and other scriptures in the Bible, readers are encouraged to live a life of praise to Jesus and to influence those around them to do the same thing.  Instead of living life for yourself, you are now encouraged to live your whole life in the perspective of Jesus’s kingdom.  Martin begins by asking whether or not Jesus is famous in your life, and if he’s not, what your hindrances are to living a life of praise.

There are five chapters, and each chapter has five sections.  So, you could break this book into a five week Bible study or do it all in big swoop.  The importance is to do it!  Each chapter section has a life experience or teaching commentary by Martin followed by a journal section with prompts, scripture and meditations on portions of Psalm 145.  These journaling sections are rich and meaty, and if you complete them you will truly have a testimony of working through and thinking about Psalm 145.  I loved my experience in this Psalm and in her  commentary and thought it was a perfect way to get more of my thoughts and actions focused on obedience and praise to Christ.

Disclaimer:  I was given a complimentary copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers program.  My opinions are my own.


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