Making a Teepee

Every time we watch a Native American movie or read a Native American book, my children want to make teepees.  Never mind that many Indians didn’t even live in teepees.  Because of movies and our own general impressions, we tend to always associate Native Americans with teepees.  Luckily, paper teepees are easy to make.

making a teepee

First, you need construction paper.  It doesn’t really matter what the size or color is.  We usually use 8.5″ x 11″ or 12″ x 18″ sheets of paper.  The bigger the paper, the bigger the teepee.  First, you find something to trace for a circle shape.  For our purposes, we chose a child’s size dinner plate…You know the circle  shaped sectioned ones that you can find in Target or Wal-Mart.


Then, you will cut each circle in half.  One semi circle will fold into each teepee.

041This is a great time to let your kids decorate them.  They’re much easier to decorate before they are folded up! (These pictures were some I took when we made teepees last winter, and it’s so sweet to see my smaller Owlet sucking on her passy 🙂 )


All you have to do is bring the two edges of the semi circle up to meet each other and tape into place.  Don’t forget to bend up the fold at the bottom to give it that teepee look.  Once you’ve folded one or two, your kids will probably go crazy and make themselves whole villages of teepees.


Also, on the flip side, if you don’t fold up the edges, you can use this very same easy pattern to make party hats for all your children’s dolls!!



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