This Week: Field Tripping

This was an unusual week in our house.  I tend to let us have a good bit of “at home” time so that we can read, game and watch television together because those outlets tend to be big sources for us to turn to for inspiration as we answer the question, “What are we going to do today?”  However, some weeks, you need to get out and get some of that inspiration and bring it home with you.  That was our week this week.

We started at Allatoona Pass, a local hiking site and former site of a Civil War battle.  As it happens, last weekend was the 150th anniversary of the battle, so there were re-enactors, cannons and all types of fun and special things to do.  I’m going to write a little of the history of the battle and show off more pictures (eventually) in a separate post, so I’m giving you a glimpse here.  We got to see a demonstration of cannon fire three times, which meant Firecracker said it was the “best day ever.”  Monkey was scare of the sound of the cannon, so he said it was “the worst day ever.”

allatoona pass

Our local history museum was doing a program this week called “Museum of Mysteries.”  We went and spent some time learning about fingerprints, and using our observation skills to uncover what “mystery” objects were that they gave us to figure out.  The children really enjoyed it!  It was perfect for my little girl who wants to learn more about mysteries and Sherlock Holmes.

mysteries at the museum

We also paid a visit to a local dairy farm.  It was great because we got to go on a hayride and feed the cows.

feeding the cows

Then, we got to go through and figure our ways through a corn maze.

corn maze

They even had a playground we could play on!!


When the children got home, we even spent some time decorating the pumpkins that we received from the farm with our admission.  That was a pretty happy day 🙂

decorating pumpkins

We also had a great picnic and playtime with our friends from Community Bible Study after Bible study on Wednesday.  We did end up with a little emergency room visit at the end because Monkey had a big fall onto a concrete cross-tie, and I just wanted to err on the side of caution.  The sound of the thud, the swelling, and his screaming had completely overwhelmed me.  It really set my mind at ease to go, so I’m glad we did.

emergency room

And, of course, we did AWANAs, just like we do every week.  (Well, next week AWANA is actually on fall break…so maybe not every week!)


We added a new page to our circle books this week.  As you can see, we water color painted circles that we had stamped with tempera paint.  I really liked the results of that.  I’m trying to suggest one new activity to add to the circle book  each week.  Sometimes it’s for the big kids and sometimes it’s for the little kids.  This week’s was for everyone.

circle painting

We’ve been continuing on with history this week.  We’re studying the Reconstruction this week.  We’ve also finally gotten to the literature guide I bought from Progeny Press last month for The Drinking Gourd.  We began by reading Follow the Drinking Gourd, drawing our own pictures from the story, watching the reading rainbow and listening to some of the old slave music.


Since we only been using our history notebooks two or three weeks, we finally put the War Between the States on our notebook as a timeline point.  I’m trying not to overwhelm them with points because sometimes their drawings and things get a little busy on the notebook.

history notebook

After being away from home so much this week, the children (and the mom!) were tired and grumpy on the one day we spent completely at home this week.  So, we dressed up in costumes.  Costumes make everything better.

costume play

The children decided to go back to their HomeSchoolPiano lessons this week.  So, they watched a video and have been practicing the skills introduced.  Rose is excited to finally be done with Core Piano and moving on to Level 1 this week.  The little kids have also been playing around on the piano and imitating the bigger kids.


We introduced a new virtue this week.  Attentive is one that everyone needs focus on, from the little kids with their interruption to Hubby and me with our distraction from cell phones and other devices.  This is one where I’m able to be open with the kids that this is a problem area for me too.  Ironically, it makes everyone more aware of when they’re having a problem with the virtue and need to get back on track.


Firecracker’s been spending some time playing Super Smash Bros. for the Wii this week.  We’ve had it for a while, but he’s just really been showing interest in it.  So, of course, we’ve been watching him play.  We used some artwork from the new game on Wikipedia to create our own stick puppets to act the battles out.

super smash bros art

In this collage, I have pictures of where Rose took some of the extra fake fur that we used to make tribbles and started making a cat doll of her own design.  Unlike Firecracker, she’s attempting to sew together her doll rather than hot glue it.  We also have been using our “Battles of the Civil War” card deck and playing War together.  We’ve been attempting to teach War to Monkey and Owlet too, so they can join in the fun.  And, of course, Rose has been taking pictures of her cat.


It seems like you can’t turn on the news lately (or anytime I guess) without hearing about something awful.  Lately, it’s been Ebola, and my Rose has been very fearful upon listening to the news.  So, to help her fears this week, we took the suggestion of one of my friends and made Rose a prayer jar.  When she has a worry that she needs to pray over, we’re writing it on a slip of paper and putting it in the jar.  She’s really working on it, and she’s worrying much less.  It’s sweet to watch her try not to worry, and I’m hoping that this physical reminder of putting her worries in God’s hands helps her to worry less.

worry and fear

I guess that about does it for our week.  I think our trips were all pretty cool, but I’m ready to just have a few days at home.  So, how are you guys doing?  Are you celebrating fall or in a regular rhythm with your schoolwork?


4 thoughts on “This Week: Field Tripping

  1. oh no on the ER visit…glad it was nothing…BOO on the “worse day ever”…lol.

    I hear you on the news…I just cant even turn a tv on anymore during waking hours for fear that the kids will hear something…

    Peace to your day!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad we took the visit to the ER when he fell though because it really set my mind at ease!! Thanks for stopping by, Melissa!

  2. The prayer jar is a great idea. One of the reasons we don’t watch tv at all is because the news was so distressing all the time. We’ve not had broadcastable tv for over twelve years and absolutely don’t miss it at all!

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