God Made Me and You Too!

Bear Hug number 4 is in the God is the Creator unit of Honeycomb.  The week before we had studied God created the world (and I know I haven’t written about that yet!  Soon!) and strongly focused on how God made the animals.  This week’s focus was on how God created the people, and we especially focused on how we are individually made special.

Our focus verse for this week was Psalm 139:14:

 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

At three and four though, Cubbies are only responsible for either “I am wonderfully made” or “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”  Later on in AWANAs, they’ll go back and memorize the whole verse, but Cubbies just lays the seeds of memorization in their hearts.

I have to, in the interest of full disclosure, let you guys know that I had lost my car keys and didn’t get to AWANA until 15 minutes late that night.  It made for a stressful evening for me, but fortunately my co-teacher had a few things to start with until I could get into the room, so I don’t think the kids noticed my stress!

We started with snack, which was three different types of fruits.  We had bananas, green grapes and red grapes and we discussed how we were all similar and yet different just like the fruits.

Then, we moved on to songs and lesson, and I used everything for this week just like it was in the cards.  I have to admit that I love the cards, but feel like the lessons in Bear Hugs 4 & 5 leave a little to be desired.  There’s not really a story and it’s hard to keep the kids on track.

After lesson time, we did a craft that you can print off of the resource cd.  It’s a figure of a boy or a girl to be a stand-up paper doll.  I printed these on cardstock, and had the children decorate them just how they looked.  Then, I had the full color Cubbies vests (also printed off the Cubbies cd) printed out and precut so that all the children had to do was to to glue them onto their paper dolls.

This is Monkey’s paper doll, and it looks just like him.

God Made Me

Owlet’s paper doll was a little more surrealist, but beautiful just the same.


There are dotted lines on the sheet, and if you fold for the children and crease on the dotted line, these dolls will stand up and can be used for pretend play.

After this, the children were asking to go outside.  The weather was beautiful and it was the perfect night to go play on the little church playground.


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