Homeschool Spending: The September Edition

I’ve been debating starting a series on how much does it really cost to homeschool, especially since we take a unit study approach and are buying things for school year round.  This is just going to be my experience, and since we do some product reviews, you may find that sometimes my curriculum spending is a low estimate. I’m even going to put the “Why” I spent it in, so that you can see what goes with curriculum and what is spurred by our interests.  I actually don’t know (since this is the first month) how it’s going to turn out, but here it goes.

The first homeschool purchase for the month of September was Joan Holub’s Why Do Cats Meow? and cost $3.84.  I bought this non-fiction picture book because Carissa at 1+1+1=1 wrote a printable unit study (free!) to go with this book.  Because the preschoolers have been doing “C is for cat,” Firecracker’s been wanting to learn more about cats.  The unit is written on a first grade level, so it’s not a challenge, but it has been fun for him to work through.

I also bought a 12-pack box of jumbo glue sticks at Target for $3.47.  We go through glue sticks so fast it’s like we eat them!!

I have been looking for something to help me when teaching my children to pray.  So, I received a children’s ministry newsletter (geared on prayer) free from the Community Bible Study where I volunteer in the children’s ministry.  However, I couldn’t pass up buying a resource I saw highlighted in the book.called Praying in Color Kids’ Edition for $14.51.  I also bought the adult edition (used) for myself, but I’m not counting that one towards my school total 😉

I also continued my children’s Bunnicula obsession by buying the last six of the Bunnicula related books.  These are the Tales from the House of Bunnicula books.  I bought these all used on Amazon for $23.86.

I also bought the American History “Farewell Offer” where they were selling a huge American History audio drama bundle for $29.00.  Since Rose loves audio drama, I couldn’t resist buying it (It was a HUGE package!!) for us to listen to as we paint, cross-stitch or have a more restful snack in the middle of the afternoon.

We also began reading the book The Drinking Gourd, and I decided that I wanted to use it as a literature study, so we bought the Progeny Press guide for The Drinking Gourd.  It was $11.99.  I had previously bought The Drinking Gourd to go along with our history program for this year.  If you’re not familiar with Progeny Press, you might want to read my review of their guides earlier this year.  I’m pretty sure I mentioned then that I’d be purchasing from them again 🙂

I also spent $5.50 on a circle packet  to help the kids with some geometry terms that we were using for studying circles more on the big kids’ level.  This is a unit in progress for us, and not one we’ve made much headway in.

I also bought Sticker Art Shapes: Sonia Delaunay for $8.05.  Artist resources are so expensive and this was the only thing Sonia Delaunay that was anywhere near affordable.  As part of what I’m strewing across the children’s path on circles and art, she’s one of the artists I want to bring them in contact with.

Rose was also in need of new colored pencils, so we bought those for $5.96 at Wal-Mart.  It was a big Crayola 50 pack of colored pencils, and hopefully they will last her a few months.

There was still so much I wanted to buy that I didn’t get to.  There was a field trip I wanted to take them on and didn’t have the money for, and I had wanted to buy the next Veritas Press class for them to start after Christmas while it was on a half-off sale, but I couldn’t afford that either.  Oh well.  Decisions, decisions.  We’re still working through some of the resources that I’ve purchased this month, so I’m all for stretching resources.

I can already tell with the field trips I have scheduled that next month is going to be spendy too!  It’s good for me to see some of this in black-and-white though.  It helps me make better decisions.


Total for this month = $106.18


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