A Day in the Life: September Edition

It’s been far too long since I’ve done a day in the life for you guys.  I had said I was going to do it every month, but somehow I fell off track during the summer.  I just had a hard time remembering to pull out the paper to record things for.  So, this month, in an effort to try and bring my “Day in the Life” series back to life, I stuck mainly to taking pictures of everything for that day.  My kids looked at me all funny several times and said, “Why are you taking pictures of that?!”

So, let’s get started…This is what happened Thursday, September 18, 2014.

I got up around 8 am.  I studied my Bible.  I’m currently studying out of Daniel as a part of Community Bible Study, and this week my studies were in Daniel Chapter 2, reading about Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the image made of different materials.

I got on my blog and played around for a bit, visiting some different websites and doing a little writing.  As I was sitting at the computer writing, the children started waking up.  Firecracker had already set up some pretend play at the dining room table with some paper dolls he had drawn and some Kirby ones he had cut out of coloring sheets we found online.


I start asking about breakfast, but no one’s in a real hurry for it, so I decide to go take a shower.  After I am all clean and dressed, I decide to go and pull out some cereal and pop-tarts.  Most mornings at our house are muffins, toast, or oatmeal, but last week I went into Wal-Mart and fell for the seasonal pop-tart display.  The children have been very grateful for the different breakfast!


After breakfast, I advised Firecracker that he might want to put all of his Kirby cut-outs in a bag so they didn’t get any paint or anything on them if we decided to use the table for crafts later.


I quickly did dishes and then walked into the living room.  I soon found that Monkey and Owlet wanted me to print them out more Kirby, MarioKart and Sophia coloring pages, so we had a search for some on the computer and print them out.


Once the little kids were settled into their coloring, I turned to the big kids to see what they wanted to start with today.


As usual, they said history, so that’s what we did.  We are continuing to use the Veritas Press Self-Paced History, and the children are really enjoying it.  I honesty didn’t believe that they would use it for this long, but we’re almost half-way through the year of history, and they’re making noises about how they want to go back and do Old Testament and Ancient Egypt when they finish with 1815-Present.  They’re learning enough from it that I’m pretty sure that if they’re still interested after they finish this one, we’ll go back and start at the beginning.  We started our lesson at about 10:30.


After history was over, we lingered on the computer long enough to watch a couple of science videos and an arithmetic video from Standard Deviants Accelerate.  It’s one of our current reviews for the Crew, and Firecracker’s really enjoying it.



After we were done with that, I looked at my phone and realized it was lunch time.   I also realized that Monkey and Owlet had made up their own game with their coloring sheets while we were working on the computer and we could really use a good living room pick-up.


So, the children straightened up the living room and I began to make lunch plates.  We had leftover lasagna or peanut butter crackers for lunch.  The cracker lunch looks a little carb-heavy in retrospect.  I should have broken out some cheese or opened a can of fruit.


We decided to watch Batman: The Brave and the Bold while we ate.  As it happened, my grandfather and his dog came by for a visit while we were eating and we ended up extending lunch to be a two hour long break!


After we said good-bye to him and finished eating, it was time for us to get back to our studies.  First though, I made sure everyone was properly dressed and had their spend the night bag packed.  They were going to go spend the night at my parents, and as it was already 2 pm, I wanted to make sure that we could work right up until the time my parents came to get them.

So, the children worked on their CBS books and on their AWANA verses.  I have time with each child individually that I can do that with.


After this I felt a little neglectful of the little kids, so I called them into the living room and asked them if they wanted to do a preschool time.  They told me, “No.  We’re too busy playing.”  I said okay, and pulled up the next thing on my to-do list with the bigger kids.


The big kids and I usually do a devotional and a prayer guide to help guide our praying each day.  We’re using Jesus Calling and Sonlight’s American Indian Prayer Guide right now as our devotional and prayer guide.  I also read a couple of chapters from the Bible as we continue our journey through the Bible from beginning to end.  Right now we’re reading Job.


We’re reviewing the newest Apologia iWitness books, so once we were done with our Bible time we read a few pages out of the Biblical Archaeology iWitness.


Firecracker wanted me to read them some more Edgar Allan Poe poetry once we were finished with our prayer time and Bible reading.  How could I say no to that?


Then, I read the last Bunnicula easy reader to the children.  It was called Creepy Crawly Birthday and was so much fun that Monkey came over to listen to it too.


After that, Monkey and Owlet brought me several picture books to read to them while I was sitting and reading fun books.



When the little kids lost interest in reading picture books and wanted to go back to playing, Firecracker brought me the first book from the House of Bunnicula books to read to them.  We read the first forty pages, and then my Dad texted to let me know he was on the way to pick up the children.  It was sometime between 4 and 4:30.

The kids promptly went around finding shoes and stuffed animals to take with them and were very excited to get to go over to Nana and Grandad’s to play and spend time with them.  I worked through a few boxes of clutter and started organizing my photos for my weekly wrap-up while I waited for Hubby to come home.

He came home with takeout (Wings!) and we talked and watched Dr. Who and the Atlanta Falcons.  The Falcons crushed their opponents, and it ended up being a fun and relaxing evening with him.  I’m pretty sure we didn’t make it to bed until after midnight (and on a weeknight!).

I think it’s really funny and interesting when I look back at this day to see how it was a real relaxed, and mostly big kid focused day.  Since so many of my weekly wrap-ups are crafty and preschool focused right now, this probably gives a good picture of a day that’s more dominated by reading and bigger kid stuff.   The kids also tend to be more chilled on Thursday because we have a really busy out of the house day on Wednesday (CBS & AWANA), so on Thursdays they often sleep later and are more prone to want to read and relax instead of pushing to make and create.

Now, if you’re wanting to compare this with some of the other days I’ve showcased, you can visit these posts:

I hope to revive this series and bring it back monthly.  It does me good to see where our time is going and what a day really looks like.  I find it encouraging and great for my memories.

Our Homeschool Day in Pictures


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