This Week

This week was a week that’s very light on pictures, but was long on fun.  It was missions conference week at the church which was a delightful time, but led to children getting up later than usual and very mellow.  The children also all had their teeth cleaned at the end of the week, and it ended up being a good way to finish a long week.

I was looking at some posts for a Throwback Thursday link-up last week and I found my weekly wrap-up post from this time last year.  In it, I mention that I was embracing a rhythm of rest for Missions Conference week.  If we followed a curriculum, this would be a break week.  As it is, we find it a nice week to just relax and not push (especially not me pushing the children to do!!).

To begin with, the little kids did nothing that you would consider preschoolish at all.  Last week was a week where we didn’t do much preschool, and we followed this trend this week.  Owlet didn’t really do much other than play and cuddle with me.  Monkey, however, felt a strong need to color and create, so I have printed him out a million different coloring sheets.  He enthusiastically colors them all and then cuts them apart to make paper dolls.  He also spent much of his time when he wasn’t coloring drawing and cutting out more paper dolls or making his own little books of drawings.

monkey art

Rose tended to generate a lot more activities as well.  She worked on learning how to write her name in cursive.  This led Firecracker down that path of working on and practicing his name as well.

Cursive practice

She also started trying to work on some animation by making flip books.  She made a half-dozen flipbooks, but never made one that she considered worthy enough to videotape and upload to her DIY account.  I tried to convince her to upload the best video we made to her account, but she told me no.  Maybe she’ll want to another day.

Flip books

She also decided to draw a couple of really fun looking face masks.  The one on the left is Sharpie on a balloon.  The mask on the right is watercolors on watercolor paper.

Rose's Faces

This next collage is some of Rose’s writing.  I feel like I need to explain.  A couple of months ago Rose asked me to back off and stop trying to teach her phonics and spelling.  It wasn’t clicking and she was starting to feel dumb.  She’s starting to read better now, so she was right.  I was less right wrong.  I was teaching from a place of fear because I had a second grader who wasn’t reading yet.  It’s funny how even when we think we’ve conquered the fear, it sneaks back up on us.

She also tried invented spelling for the first time ever this week.  The picture on the left is a bear singing “The B-I-B-L-E.”  I can get a much better picture of where she’s at as I’ve listened to her read to me from her Daniel workbook (for CBS) and seen her writing.  She’s coming along slowly, but is making some great steps toward reading.

She also has spent some of her week writing Chinese characters.  Our missionaries in the children’s program this week focused on Hudson Taylor as a missionary to China, and one of the activities that they had the children do in their spare time was to match up some Chinese characters to their translations, and Rose loved doing that, and even made whole pages of a couple of the characters that she enjoyed drawing more than others.


Firecracker spent some of his time this week gaming, especially over the weekend when his Daddy was home to play with him.  I took a couple of pictures of him playing the original Donkey Kong for the Nintendo and of him playing Super Smash Brothers on the Wii.


Firecracker also got his first Loot Crate.  I keep trying to get him to give me some of the stuff out of it, but he says no.  This month’s theme was “Galactic” and he ended up with a lot of stuff he didn’t know much about.  He’s well acquainted with Star Wars, but the rest is brand new, so we spent some of our time watching the Star Trek tribble episodes this week.

We’ve actually planned a lot of learning fun together for tribbles.  I have a little list of supplies to go and get this weekend for the kids, including some food for a couple of cooking activities we have planned.  I’ll keep you guys updated on what else we do 😉

loot crate

The only thing we really did this week that I suggested was a treasure hunt from Clued-In Kids.  I’m reviewing two hunts for the Crew, and we did one of the hunts this week.  My review won’t go live until the end of October, but I can tell you that this was fun, exciting and gave us a little reading and math practice.  We used the Halloween treasure hunt this week, and my children had a blast.  All four of them eagerly participated.

clued in kids

We also read a little this week.  We’ve watched the Sonic Rainboom episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show enough that I mentioned to the children that the story incorporates part of a Greek myth in it, and the children wanted to find out the myth.  So, I pulled out my Book of Virtues and read to the children about “Icarus and Daedalus” to them and they were shocked and very interested in the story.  I think I’m going to try this cartoon version with them sometime over the next week or so just because they love to translate stories to pictures.

We also read the first two Tales From the House of Bunnicula books this week. It Came from Beneath the Bed! is the first of the series, and it’s so funny to the children because it takes the characters that they’ve known as “real” people from the Bunnicula books and translates them into made up characters in Howie’s stories as he’s learning to write.  There’s still a lot of fun in them, and silliness, but they have been great discussion tools for the children on writing because Howie frequently interrupts the story with his “writing journal” where he shares the tips and advice his Uncle Harold gives him on writing.

We’ve been able to have serious discussions on different elements of writing and different elements of grammar from these books.  The children will probably never forget what an adjective is now that we’ve read these two books and read Harold’s frequent comments on how Howie uses a few too many adjectives telling of his main character’s greatness!

Invasion of the Mind Swappers from Asteroid 6! is a gentle take on a classic alien invasion story, and it’s great fun to see Howie continue to develop as a writer and constantly revise what he’s doing based on the input of his readers.


We only have four more of these Tales from the House of Bunnicula to go before we completely exhaust all the Bunnicula books that there are in existence.  We really haven’t read much more other than Bunnicula over the past couple of months, so we’ll be sorry to see them go.  Rose has suggested that we might read a little bit of Sherlock Holmes over we finish the Bunnicula series because she’s remembering how one of the original Bunnicula novels has a lot of references to Sherlock Holmes.  If memory serves me correctly, it’s Bunnicula Strikes Again!.  If we do choose that avenue, it will be the second classic author that Bunnicula has inspired them to find out more about (with the first being Edgar Allan Poe).  Sometimes this interest-led learning takes us down avenues that I would have never dreamed it would.

So, this was our week in a nutshell.  How was your week?


2 thoughts on “This Week

  1. I really love how your home school happens now! It seems very fluid and full of learning activities all of which the children throw themselves into!

    1. Thanks! It really has become very fluid and relaxed around here, which is what I had always hoped for but never seemed able to reach…I needed to let go more!

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