C is for Christ

The first four weeks of Cubbies are pretty predictable each year, and it doesn’t matter what book you’re using.  You spend two weeks on the entrance booklet in class, and then the next two weeks cover the “Big” verses of Cubbies–The A verse and the C verse.

For Cubbies, the C verse is where we learn that “C stands for Christ.”  We also learn Romans 5:8.

While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

I know it sounds wrong to adults without the “God commendeth his love towards us” part at the beginning, but in Cubbies we learn key phrases from the verses so that as they get bigger, they’ll be able to connect the verse better to it’s meaning.

We only did one activity for center time when we first got there, and that was a crayon reveal C.  I pre-drew a white crayon C on white construction paper and I set out the watercolors and let the children get to painting as they were coming in and we were doing verse time with individual children.  Some of the darker colors tried to stick to the crayon C, so we just easily rubbed it off while it was still wet.


Another activity that is related (but I didn’t use until the next week in reviewing the C lesson) is to make a pipe cleaner C with colored straw pieces and pipe cleaners.  The children in my class actually decided to make bracelets out of theirs instead of leaving them as a C, and they were very cute running around all night with their rainbow bracelets they had made.


One other idea for center time/class opening time is that you could take the magnet dot pages on the printable craft CD for “C is for Christ” and either do magnets with them or dot stickers.  If you had a big class or a really long class, you might even have time for all three or for each child to at least do one or two.  I didn’t actually have time for that (We have just slightly longer than an hour for Cubbies each week), so I’ve got it in my boredom buster part of my Cubbbies bag.


We start with song time, and the book makes great suggestions.  My children especially liked the “Where is the A?” song.  We took it and made a game at going home time where we got one child to close their eyes and I would hide the a with another chid.  it was so funny because the children that I hid the A with always looked so suspicious that I would have been shocked if the child who was it was not able to guess who was hiding the A.

On the teaching cards, we teach all the way through Jesus’s life.  I think I horrified a few of the younger children because the “C is for Christ” teaching card has Jesus on the cross and you can see the blood on his feet and hands.  One of the sweet children even said, “That’s where Jesus got shotted.”  After that point, I tried to hurry past that card and on to Jesus is alive and we get to be in heaven with him some day!

For snack, we had chocolate chip cookies, and they were delicious!

There is a good activity sheet that you can make into a “C-shaped” puzzle for the children to review Jesus’s life with.  I didn’t have time for that one, so I’ve got it in my Cubbies bag for a week when I don’t have enough to do, and I’ll go back and review the lesson.  This is what it looks like all completed.


At the end, I had some children that were starting to run wild, and I didn’t have time to start another activity because parents had already begun pickups, so I pulled out some lacing cards I had made from some flowers that were one of the craft printables on that lesson.  They kept them busy for just the right amount of time I needed for parents to come and pick up their children.


I guess that’s about it for what C is for Christ looked like in action in our class!


6 thoughts on “C is for Christ

  1. It’s always good to have that last minute, time filler activity on hand for the “running wild” bits at the end of the night. Great job on a thorough lesson!

  2. These are some wonderful activities for C is for Christ. Wish I had these ideas when we were doing C a few weeks ago. Funnily enough, I hadn’t looked at the posts that linked up to Toddler Idea Tuesday earlier in the week, but I had already stopped by and checked out this post, I shared in on my 5 on the Fifth post. Sorry, didn’t mean to neglect letting you know about that, just got busy, as usual. I am now going to pin this on my Toddler Idea board as well. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the share! This was a fun lesson, but I the kids kept giving up on painting before the C appeared! LOL

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