September Cross-Stitch Update

This was a month that I felt good about.  I finally got my parrot floral that I finished around April or May mounted onto canvas.  I love the way the look translated to canvas.  It was exactly what was in my head.


I also finished stitching “Give Us Our Daily Bread.”  I think it turned out to be a sweet and quick stitch.  I haven’t decided how to finish it yet, so it’s sitting in my finishing box waiting for me to decide.


I did the stitching for a piece called “Stocking Buddy.”  This was designed by Lacy and Larry Flowers of Flowers 2 Flowers.  As you can see, there’s a bunch of sparkly beads on the different motifs.

As you can probably tell, I used 14 ct. antique brown perforated paper to create this stitching, and I have yet to put it together yet, but it’s going to be an ornament that will be backed with card stock and a thread or ribbon hanger.  I just have to break out the glue!!



One thought on “September Cross-Stitch Update

  1. I used to do tapestry before I had children and would really like to return to it at some point, but really right now I have no time for turning around let alone hobbies. One day though, and hopefully soon.
    I just LOVE home made things. You’ve done a great job!

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