This Week

As I look at the pictures from this week, I realize that it’s a little hard to categorize.  After having the focused week last week on cats, it’s hard to look at this week and start trying to put it into mental order!  Isn’t that always the case though? 🙂

The preschoolers did choose to do one lesson out of our Little Hands to Heaven book this week.  It happened to be a day where God promised Abraham that his descendants would be so many that you couldn’t count them, just like the stars outside.  So, we made little tent, paint and glitter art pieces to remember that with.

Monkey did pose the intriguing idea though that perhaps, if Abraham had so many descendants, that maybe together they could number the stars.   He can be a deep thinker sometimes and surprise me.

abraham's tent

He also told his Daddy that night that people come from the stars.  I corrected him and told him that we came from the dirt.  So, of course, not 10 minutes later we’re watching an earth science video on the life and death of stars from a course that Firecracker’s taking.  Guess what?  They said in the module we watched that all the building blocks of life except hydrogen and helium were the things that were spewed out of exploding stars.  Perhaps I shouldn’t have been too hasty in dismissing Monkey’s words.

As for Firecracker’s classes, he’s taking earth science and arithmetic right now through Standard Deviants Accelerate.  These are some supplemental classes with some great videos, some of which are getting watched over and over again.  I’ll be bringing you a full review in about a month, but as for now, Firecracker and I are still exploring these two courses.


We pretty much finished off our studies of cats at the beginning of this week.  The older kids finished their cat notebooks and the smaller kids finished making some paper plate cat faces that they had bunches of fun making.

paper plate cats

You might have noticed in the picture above that Owlet is crafting in a spidergirl costume.  Firecracker, Monkey and Owlet all three have received Spiderman themed costumes from my parents over the past two or three weeks.  The kids are taking much joy in being Spiderman or Spidergirl.  As for Rose, she’s happy enough with her Cinderella costume that they got her that she doesn’t mind being different. 🙂

I also couldn’t help but put in a picture of Owlet in the fall clothes that I dressed her in for church this week.  She’s getting so big and so pretty.  Not a baby at all any more (unless she wants to be!!).

beautiful preschoolers

While I’m on the wistful topic of little kids getting bigger, I just wanted to point out the collage below.  We spent a little time reviewing the letter “a” this week and Monkey found every single “a” on the look and find hunt page.

We also studied how God made us at Cubbies this week, and he so carefully colored his eyes and hair the right color and even put the sweetest smile on his face.  (I also included Owlet’s wildly surrealistic blue face paper doll in this collage because it makes me smile.)  My heart is so full of joy that’s it’s trying to spill out of my eyes as I type this, but how did I ever get so lucky as to be able to watch four children go through these years of wonder?

ever growing monkey

I guess I should keep going with the preschoolers’ week since I started with them.  We didn’t do a whole lot of “preschool” this week since they were mostly into playing this week.  One day, I even called them and asked them about preschool time only to hear that they’d rather play.  (I was okay with that because I have bigger kids hungering for my attention too.)

Once we finished our unfinished letter C projects, we went back and had a review of the letter A.  They looked for As on a letter hunt and they fingerpainted a letter a worksheet.  We also focused in on the color blue this week, so the fingerpainting is in blue.

fingerpaint a

Even though they already have a handle on their shapes and colors, I took the opportunity to introduce the circle shape this week.  My plan is to strew several opportunities for the children to learn more about circle motifs and artists who used circles prominently in their art over the next few months as well as some geometry work for the older children.  I’m sure I’ll be posting more about it as this develops.

blue circles

We began making a circle book this week by creating a toliet paper tube circle painting.  (I’ve actually written about creating these type paintings before, but it’s been a couple of years.  Rose, who has an exceptional memory, remembered that we did this before though.  How cool is that?)  This was freestyle art exploration on however the children wanted it to be, and I was surprised and pleased to see how different from each other they turned out to be.

toliet paper roll circles

The three younger children also made circle bears for their books.

circle bears

And, as always, Monkey is doing a bunch of drawing and painting as he makes the time for it this week.  He’s done the regular superhero drawings and he’s also been drawing Link and Zelda.  I’ve been playing a little of the old original Nintendo Zelda and Firecracker has used Link and Zelda both as characters on Super Smash Bros. this week when we’ve had some game time.  This has really inspired Monkey.

As an aside, I have to comment that Monkey is also continuing to want to write his own titles for his drawings to label the characters.  I’ve really stumbled across a system of having him let be lightly draw in the character’s name and him trace it to label the characters.  It’s really working for him for some writing practice.

monkey's drawings

The Zelda playing also inspired Rose to write and draw about the characters she knows from the Legend of Zelda.  She wrote some of her character descriptions and dictated some to Hubby.

She also created her own solar system drawing this week (asking me to spell the planets) with all of the planets and poor little Pluto.  We even had to look up the pictures of the planets so that she could use work from the images of the planet to put her own artistic interpretation on things.

She also created some art over at my parents’ house this week.  She’s been digging up old pieces of glass bottles and stuff like that over at their house and collecting it.  This week she took some glitter glue and a board my Dad had and used it to create her own broken glass mosaic.  She was very pleased and proud with the finished project.  It made me smile because it reminded me of the days when she would come home from her preschool with a pocket full of acorns as she spent her time on the playground collecting.  Finally, she had so many acorns that we glued them to a mirror for her to enjoy that year 🙂

Rose's projects

While I’m sharing about art projects, Firecracker has been frustrated with his felt a little this week.  He’d like to make some nice felt Sonic and Tails projects.  However, we can’t find a base template that is good for him to work from on the internet, and when he tries to draw his own, he is not satisfied with the results of the project.  I’ve told him that maybe if we made more parts and drew them bigger he would like them better, but he doesn’t take advice very well.  🙂  I’m probably going to have to see if I can just sit with him and help him work through his Sonic woes this weekend.


In the meantime, she’s decided to set aside his felt for a few days, and has gotten me to print him off bunches of Kirby coloring sheets.  Of course, everyone in the house has decided that they needed Kirby coloring sheets after seeing his coloring sheets, so there’s been a lot of “Kirby paper dolls” being made this week by all four kids.

kirby and friends

We also did some Bible study this week through CBS.  The little kids studied Moses growing up in Pharaoh’s palace.  They made some headdresses at home (because I printed out some for my lesson in the two year old class) that helped reinforce Moses as prince of Egypt.

pharaoh headresses

The older kids also continued working through their Daniel books.  They’re working through chapter 2 right now where Nebuchadnezzar has the dream of the statue.


I also read a good bit this week, especially to the older kids.  We completed the lessons on the battle of Gettysburg in their history program this week and read If You Lived at the Time of the Civil War as an accompaniment.

We finished reading Why Do Cats Meow? and finished working our way through our cat notebooks.  Firecracker said that dogs are next, and we do have a four week unit study on dogs from Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett that I bought a couple of years ago, so we may do that.  Rose wasn’t as enthused, but there’s some great resources out there to study dogs (from books to free and paid unit studies), so I would love the opportunity to work through some of those resources.  He’s also talked about maybe going back to the horse study we were working on, but  I feel like the dog one captures more of where they are now in their interests now that they’ve read so many of the Bunnicula books.

Speaking of Bunnicula, we finished the leveled reader/early reader Bunnicula and Friends picture books.  Some of these Monkey came and sat with us to enjoy.  We’re going to be starting on the last set of books featuring the Bunnicula characters this week as we start on the House of Bunnicula novels.  There’s a bunch of literary element discussion, etc. in the House of Bunnicula novels to explore if the children get interested, but the reality is that right now I think the children are mostly interested in going through these for enjoyment.


We even spent one afternoon happily immersed in a fudge-making boys vs. girls cook-off based on the second book in the easy reader series, Hot Fudge.  It was one fun and delicious way to spend part of an afternoon!

fudge making

So, I guess that about does it this week.  I really felt like we got nothing accomplished.  I didn’t realize I was about to put together all these photo collages and words as I sat down at the computer this morning!

I also have several follow-up posts planned, including one with the fudge recipes from our fudge cook-off, but right now I have so much that I want to write about and not enough space and time to write about it that it’s insane.  I’ve also been pulling some older ideas that I had in my blogging notebook out and writing about them recently before they became incredibly ancient history.  Hopefully, I’ll get some fun and helpful posts up over the next couple of weeks.

How did everyone else’s week turn out?  What are your kids up to?


6 thoughts on “This Week

  1. You certainly stayed busy! Our week was pretty scattered too, I’m having a hard time deciding how to put posts together.

    1. My posts have been so random lately between all the different interests and directions the children are pulling and my notebook full of ideas! LOL

    1. Thanks! They are pulling me in all sorts of directions lately! I was really excited about the mosaic because Rose has been collecting the pieces for a while and I had no clue what she would ever do with it 🙂

    1. Thanks! I know that these are my last two littles, so I figure I’m going to do preschool as big a way as they will let me over the next couple of years and enjoy it before we move on to bigger kid stuff 🙂

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