Sparkly Handprints

This is one of those little posts that I almost feel embarrassed sharing lately because I’ve learned so much about blogging and wasting my readers’ time.  Still, be indulgent with me, since I’m not a business blogger, just a mom who loves her kids and wants to keep the memories.

I’ve been doing Heart of Dakota’s Little Hands to Heaven as a curriculum with my little kids (which is so backwards from the way I am almost unschooling my older two as to make me grin every time I say the little kids have “curriculum,” but that’s a post for another day).

We were on Unit 2: Noah’s Ark and the Letter B when we also were to make a number two page for counting book.  So, anyway, we were supposed to cut out two hands and glue them on a page that we copied from the curriculum book with the words “Number Two” and a numeral “2.”  I thought, when I saw the instructions that it would be silly of me to print of hands and cut them out when their sweet little handprints still fit on a page.

So, I had some yellow paint lying out from another project, and I painted all three of the younger children’s hands and made them a number two page.  While Owlet was still sitting there, she noticed that I had some sequins sitting out on the table (from a completely different project from the yellow paint.  I’m not much of a housekeeper.)  She grabbed some glue and started gobbing down glue all over the table.


Monkey and Rose, of course, thought this was a great idea, and began with the glue and sequins themselves.  My seven year old rarely considers “preschool time” too babyish for her and prides herself on being my helper with the little kids, but my nine year old claims it as free time for himself unless he sees us watching a video or doing a project that interests him personally.  I’m thankful for the time that Rose wants to spend creating crafts with us and “helping” me with the preschool play.


They turned out so pretty (and sparkly), that I loved how much the idea of gluing down sequins added to the boring idea of plain handprints.  This one is Monkey’s page.  Instead of using glue, he stuck his sequins down in the wet paint, and that made his look a little barer than the other two pages, but it’s still a nice effect.


This is Rose’s nice moderately sequined handprint project.


And, as for Owlet, who had the original idea?  Well, her project had so much glue and sequins on it that it took almost three days to dry.  I’m also not sure that you could tell these are her handprints if you don’t already know that! LOL


You also might notice a slight smudge on my camera as I took these photos.  I’m pretty sure that was from helping clean all the glue associated with this project off of little hands!!



3 thoughts on “Sparkly Handprints

  1. I love it! We also change the projects suggested often to make it something more practical and personal for the kids. Thank you for sharing and for having the mamma’s heart that wants others to gain encouragement from the things you do! – Lori H

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