Why We Homeschool

It’s been a while since I wrote a post that really discusses why we homeschool, so I thought I’d write one of those kinds of posts.  As you might realize, especially if you’ve been homeschooling a while, if you asked 100 homeschoolers these questions, you’d probably get 100 different answers.  Here are our top reasons.

1.  God told us to Homeschool

We started talking about and considering homeschooling when my oldest child was nine months old, and it was something that my Hubby and I both felt was supposed to be a part of our life.  We knew as we considered searching this path and pursuing our interest in homeschooling that it was the path we were supposed to be on.

That didn’t even mean that we immediately obeyed.  We put our older two children in a church run preschool.  We did university model schooling for two years with my oldest.  God intervened in our life in a powerful and definitive way (multiple ways actually) to keep me home and to have me bring my children home with us.  More importantly, he has blessed our homeschooling and my staying at home in ways that continue to show us that this is the continued path for our life at this time.

2.  Our Children Learn Differently

Their are some children that do great at school.  I was one of them.  My son was making great grades at school, but he was still floundering through so much that the teachers and faculty at the school even said that his grades are not really a reflection of his abilities, and this was something I had already felt intuitively as well.  School’s not always easy for a wiggly young boy, and even though he wasn’t doing horribly, it was crushing his spirit.

I also find that the type of learning we do for school tends to fade over time, and what I’m looking for in my children is retention–not just a memorize for the test kind of learning.

3.  We Don’t Want Our Children to Be Labeled

We have a child who is a borderline label.  That’s painful for me to admit, but it’s changed so much about the way that we school that I have to admit it.  We also believe that the label that this child is borderline for is a way that we’ve taken personality differences in our society and decided that there is something clinically wrong with being just a little bit different.  When God made my child, he said that this child is the perfect child that he has made, and who am I to judge what God has made?

Teaching a child to navigate society and our societal rules is important–don’t get me wrong on that.  However, I wouldn’t change my child’s personality in a million years or label it as a disease or disorder.  There was a time when the school was pushing us down this path and the therapists and psychologists we were consulting with were telling us that our child didn’t really need much by way of therapy or intervention, and we chose to believe them and to trust in God’s plan for our lives and for our child’s.

4.  We’re Raising our Children and Not Wards of the State

This is my inner Libertarian Hippie coming out.  I’m not interested in raising the perfect American citizen.  Instead, I want to raise someone who can critically analyze and come to a conclusion or a judgment all his own without being spoon fed the values of the State.  I don’t need their indoctrination.

5.  We want the Time with Our Children

We don’t want to look back at the ends of our family life–these precious 18 years–with our children and realize that we’ve invested our time in the wrong things.  We don’t want to rush from school to activities to homework and get so caught up in the busy cycle of life that we don’t really live and be with our children.  We want the time with them to enjoy each other, to pass on our values and to just live with them as the people God has given us care over.

6.  We Love the Lifestyle

Let’s face it.  We’re completely into the stereotype of “Let’s do school in our pajamas” that we can’t help it.  At one point, Firecracker was collecting different types of pajamas so that he never had to dress in “real clothes” again unless he left the house.  I can’t say I blame him 🙂  We know we’re blessed, and we know we live a very relaxed life.  We completely embrace it!!

How about you?  If you’re a homeschooler, why do you homeschool?


4 thoughts on “Why We Homeschool

  1. I’d have to say the lifestyle is the biggest draw for us. The thought of having the kids dressed, fed, and out the door in time for various schools across town makes me cringe.

    1. We participate in a Community Bible Study class, and I co-teach 2 year olds. It’s one morning a week, and we’re supposed to be there around 8. So far, I’ve slid in at 8:20-8:25 every week this year!! Their Daddy keeps giving them the “school kids have to be at school earlier than this every day” lecture, but it hasn’t affected them yet 😀

  2. I really enjoyed this post! In particular I love the fact that there should be no label attached to a child bar the name he or she is given at birth. Labels are only helpful in an institutionalised environment where each child must be pigeonholed according to his or her ability in order to help the teachers know what needs to be taught and at what level. I thank God for the freedom to home school according to my child’s needs.

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