This Week: Cats!

This Bunnicula series is having a long life in our house.  This week we read the final book in the original Bunnicula series.  It’s called Bunnicula Meets Edgar Allan Crow.  I was a teensy bit thrilled about this one because it inspired the children to want to read poetry by Edgar Allan Poe.  I’ve always loved Poe, so I found this way too exciting! LOL

I also read the first of the more picture book like Bunnicula and Friends books this week.  It’s called The Vampire Bunny, and it’s really a shortened version of the original Bunnicula book.  Imagine a Bunnicula adaptation for kindergarteners.  I think that if I caught them at the right moment that Monkey and Owlet would enjoy these picture book adaptations.


Although we didn’t do any directly related projects to Bunnicula this week.  We did work most of the way through a unit study from 1+1+1=1 on cats.  The unit study itself is easy enough for the children, and I think we would have completed it this week except that I printed it out in the cursive to give the children some cursive tracing practice, and Rose is not enjoying doing the cursive.  Firecracker is loving the cursive practice and is very excited about his cat notebook though and has been reciting facts to his Daddy at night.  (Rose has spent her time with her Daddy begging for a kitten!!)

cat notebook

The interest in cats is greatly timed because you might remember from my wrap-up last week that the preschoolers were just beginning to do C is for cats at the end of last week.  We continued with some cat preschool crafts such as this C cat.

cat C

We also made these lovely calico cats for the letter C.

calico cat

We didn’t stop there because we made C is for car or maybe C is for circle.  The craft is inspired by the one over at Crystal and Co., but Owlet took her craft in an entirely different direction.

c is for car

C is also for cotton.  You can tell that by our cotton ball Cs. cotton ball Cs

Their curriculum also had us very gently doing the number three for three suitcases.  It’s related to Abraham packing to leave Ur and going to Canaan.

three suitcases

I also worked a little with the little kids on name recognition with the little kids by making their names into “puzzles” and having them unscramble the letters and glue them in order.  Monkey is really getting good because he recognizes that he has “two n’s and 2 o’s” in his name.  He also was excited to study the letter C this week because “C is for Connor!!”

With Owlet, I made up a little song using the letters in her name, and even though she doesn’t know any of the letters yet, she’s pretty good at putting the letters in order.  This is something that’s important to me right now because I want them to be able to find their own papers at church and at Bible study.

Name Puzzles

Monkey also spent a huge chunk of time this week painting Larryboy characters.  He also had me cut some watercolor paper into four inch squares and he used them to paint faces of some of his favorite superheroes and villains.

Monkey Painting

Rose also spent a fair amount of time painting.  She used watercolors (in the pan) to make a cat drawings, blended drops of watercolors (from her kit) to finish the horse painting she’s been working on.  The drawing on the horse painting is already etched on in white, and she really enjoyed the painting.  She also did an 11″ x 14″ acrylic canvas based on the book The Fire Cat.

Rose Painting

When Rose wasn’t painting in her free time, she spent a fair amount of it doing jigsaw puzzles.  Jigsaw Planet is currently her favorite website.  The little kids have been doing the 4-6 piece puzzles from there as well.


Firecracker’s number one hobby remains making plush dolls.  Because we’ve been learning about cats, he made a Nyan cat and a couple of long cats in different colors.  He also managed to make a “peanut butter jelly time” banana and a couple of Mario figures as well.

Firecracker's Felt

I guess that about does it for our crazy cat related week.  We’re still finishing up the cat notebooks and we’re making some paper plate cat puppets, but other than that, we’re ready to move on to something else.  I’m sure for the big kids this will include more Bunnicula books and for the little kids this will include more of Abraham’s story, but I don’t know what else we’ll be doing yet. 🙂


4 thoughts on “This Week: Cats!

  1. So many cute projects! I can just imagine the begging that would be going on in this house – kittens are adorable. I’m sure we’d have one if the Man of the House was not allergic 😦

  2. Your children did really, really well with your cat study this week. So many wonderful projects. I especially like the horse painting and the different blends of colours Rose used.

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