Bunnicula Perler Bead Creations

My children love crafting with perler beads.  Sometimes the beads sit around for a week or two unused, but inevitably, the children will find a reason to get out the beads and begin to make their own little characters again.  Most recently, my daughter was listening to me read aloud from James Howe’s Bunnicula series and found herself drawn to make her own Bunnicula perler creations.

Bunnicula Perler Bead Creations

She started with Bunnicula.  She gave him fancy red eyes, and even created two vegetables that he’s “drained” of their juice.


Next, she made the paranoid cat, Chester.  Chester loves to read any book he can get his hands-on, but it’s his reading of vampire books that has him convinced that Bunnicula is a vampire.  So, Rose made Chester a purplish square block to be his book.

chester's book

Next up was Bunnicula‘s narrator, a dog named Harold.  He talks constantly in the first book or two about his love for all things chocolate, and the children giggled so much because, as everyone knows, you’re not supposed to give a dog chocolate.


Finally, she made the two boys who are the animals’ owners.  First, she made Pete.  He’s the older brother, not as nice and has a tendency to yell at the poor animals.  He certainly wouldn’t share any chocolate cupcakes with them 🙂


The last character she made was Toby, who is also often described as reading.  So, Rose gave Toby a book as well.  I enjoy that Howe often has Toby reading classic literature, and that gives us an opportunity to go from a fun book like Bunnicula to something more classic like Treasure Island or The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.


There are more characters in the Bunnicula books, but these are the main characters of the first book, and Rose was very proud of her finished creations.  In fact, she used my cell phone and Hubby’s cell phone to make videos of her perler bead characters interacting, both as a reinterpretation of some of the events in the book and to have their own brand new adventures.


5 thoughts on “Bunnicula Perler Bead Creations

    1. They are. They are very difficult to keep in place, and I’ve made Firecracker cry by knocking some out when I was getting ready to iron them. Now, they have decided I’m clumsy and won’t let me do anything but handle the iron!

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