Move On Review

Life is messy, and often we find that there are many broken things in our life that need God’s fixing.  These may range from the need for approval, sin and its repercussions, shame, legalism, mean Christians and the idols that we make in our own lives.  Vicki Courtney’s new book Move On:  When Mercy Meets Your Mess writes about meeting God in these areas in your life and about using his grace and his mercy to move on and to truly get past your mess.

When I first requested a review copy of this book, I did not realize that Courtney is also the author of two popular Christian parenting books that I had also read.  I had looked to these books as a young parent looking for ways to keep my children on the straight and narrow.  This is an aim that, as a more seasoned (and hopefully wiser) parent, I realize is my own foolish legalism and pride trying to take over my parenting role.

So, the book opens with her son’s bombshell confession that he had gotten his girlfriend pregnant, which was something that Courtney was thankful to have been able to respond to with love instead of isolating them in legalism and shame.    I knew then that I had found a book that I needed to read.  As I read the next couple hundred pages, I found myself often nodding my head along with Courtney in agreement and often feeling the gentle tug of conviction as I allowed her wise words to speak into my life.  I think that as you read her book, you may find yourself slowly healing from the messes that you’ve made in your life and truly finding God’s grace is the place to start moving on and away from the shame, embarrassment and anger that can so often be a part of unhealed wounds.

Disclaimer:  I received a complementary copy of this book through the BookLook Bloggers Program.  My opinions are my own.


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