This Week: The Letter B and Pikmin Plushies

This week, my oldest has spent a lot of his time off doing his own thing.  You see, he’s learned how to make little felt Pikmin, and he’s spent a better part of his week making Pikmin from the video game and designing his own Pikmin and creating their powers.  Being able to do this on his own has been quite a bolster to his self-confidence  (as you can see, he’s gluing and not sewing).  Now, all Firecracker needs is for me to go to Hobby Lobby and buy him some new felt!

pikmin felties

He’s also been back to working through Homeschool Piano.  You might notice the earbuds in his ears.  It’s so he can hear Willie teach over the little kids having preschool time!!

I also just had to include this really cute picture of him in the bathtub when he spent the night at his Nana’s this week.  Apparently, taking a bath in her house is very much like swimming in a sea of bubbles!!

Firecracker We’ve also been continuing with our Veritas Press 1815-Present.  We learned about the settling of the Oregon territory this week and read If You Traveled West In A Covered Wagon.  I also bought the flashcards for the Old Testament and Ancient Egypt class from a friend this week, which makes it official.  We’re going back to the beginning of the cycle and sticking with Veritas for history for a while.

We also continued reading from the Bunnicula series this week.  We read Return to Howliday Inn which introduced them to a little Shakespeare and to ventriloquism.  I was amazed that Rose was able to remember after we read the book (and she brought it up.  I didn’t!) that my parents had taken her and Firecracker to see a ventriloquist when she was about 3.  I am always shocked at what memories stay clearly with little kids.


Because Firecracker’s been crafting a bunch, Rose has too.  Only her crafting has been so diverse that it’s difficult to put a label on it.  She’s done a few perler bead patterns, crafted from popsicle sticks, learned to weave a God’s eye pattern and painted with watercolors.  I bought her a Ravensburger Aquarelle Horses Arts and Crafts Kit and she’s been really enjoying using the little bottles of paint to mix colors and create her own horse canvas.

feeling crafty

We also did a Bunnicula inspired drawing project where we drew about Bunnicula’s family.  I allowed the children to use any medium they liked, and we had choices of oil pastels and chalk pastels.  Owlet made a mixed media creation she called “a family,” but obviously, if you look at the bottom right-hand corner of this collage, you’ll see that she’s an abstract artist.

bunnicula's family

Speaking of Owlet, she has spent a lot of time painting and creating this week.  I’m pretty sure watercolors are her new best friends.  Every time Rose has sat down to paint, Owlet has too!  I love watching her exploration of colors and water!

Painting with big sister

The rest of the week has been brought to us by the letter B and the number 2.  We made these toliet paper roll beavers from DLTK this week.


We also made these Bs to look like Bees, and the children were really tickled again!

Bee Bs

I’ve been trying to push a little name recognition, so we made names using o-shaped cereal.  We also ended up making big capital “B” with the cereal too because the gluing and fine motor picking up and doing was so much fun!

cheerio names

We also made these cute handprint bees using a template from DLTK kids.  The kids were very pleased with the way they turned out.

handprint bee

We’ve also been back to our Little Hands to Heaven book this week.  I decided after writing last week’s wrap-up to try reintroducing it.  This week the Bible stories, active exploration and fingerplays have been big hits around our house.  We’re working through unit 2 on the letter B, Noah’s Ark and the number two.  So we used our number 2 worksheet to make 2 handprints that we promptly covered up with sequins.

handprint 2

The children also, for reasons that complete escape me, decided that they wanted to make paper plate jelly fish to go along with our foam fish we made a week or two ago.  So, we did.


I wanted to close with this little collage of Monkey pictures.  You remember me telling you guys about how he wants to be Spiderman when he grows up last week?  My parents appear to have bought him a Spiderman costume he can use to bring his Spidey dreams closer to reality.  My mom also sent me a couple of other cute pictures she’s taken of him over the past few weeks that were just begging to be shared.  (How I love having a four year old!)


So, as you can see, we’ve had a wonderful week.  I think the only thing I didn’t touch on in this wrap-up was AWANAs (Going well!) and our study of horses (not going as well) this week.  We’re in kind of a review lull right now, and there’s some products that we’ve been meaning to pick back up but haven’t that I think we’re going to work through some more while we’re in a lull.  Don’t forget to check back on Friday when I’m sharing a review of a new audio drama that we loved!!

So, how was your week?  What have you been up to?  Are you starting strong with school?  Are you in a groove?


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