Bubble Print B

I’m trying really hard to convince Owlet and Monkey that they want to learn their alphabet.  Owlet is taking to it pretty well, but her big brother isn’t really convinced.  However, Monkey likes painting, crafts, coloring, stories and videos, so he’s at least having fun as we go through our alphabet journey.

Last week we were working on the letter B and we made a simple craft that I promised to share in my weekly wrap-up.  So, today I’m sharing how to make bubble print Bs.

The  first thing I did was to use my lightbox to trace both capital and lowercase Bs on the backs of paper plates.  I really like using the paper plates because it’s sturdy and much cheaper than cardstock!  I’m using the letter collage worksheest from Confessions of a Homeschooler, but you can draw your own letters or use a different template depending on what suits your needs.


Then I cut bubble wrap from the inside of a padded envelope into small rectangles, set it out with blue paint and showed them how to get started.


I have to say that they took to it pretty enthusiastically!


Once they were all painted, we set them aside to drive for a day or so (Rose’s especially had lots of paint on them!)  Then, I cut the letters out myself.  I didn’t let them do the cutting because I wanted them to have the perfect B shape for hanging up and remembering how our letters look.

Bubble Print B

I think that once I run out of space on my doors and have to start taking them down, I’m going to make them into a capital and lowercase book.  We’ll see though.  I’m not there yet 🙂


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