This Week: Perler, Bunnicula and Bees

Things are really picking up steam around our house.  I feel like we’re on a roll, and that makes me feel good…(My house, on the other hand, is not appreciating all the creativity and “work” that’s going on here.  I guess you can only do so much in a day…)

I’m going to start with sharing some of what my preschoolers have been doing this week.  We’re concentrating on the letter B, and we’re still using easy-peasy with that and supplementing it with our own crafts and a book time for picture books each day.  The children love it more than the curriculum I spent money on.  That’s live and learn for me.  I’ll also be adding some seasonal touches as we go along, but for now, this is enough for my littles 🙂

Other than easy-peasy in the collage below, the only two sources I have to give you for outside activities on the collage are these.  We did the bumblebee craft and used the coloring sheet for fingerpainting from Wildflower Ramblings again.  I have found that the felt bumblebees and alligators are great for using to act out the animals and make our “aah” and “buh” sounds.  I also used the felt bee craft as a way to review bee anatomy with the older children and I love being able to double purpose something!

I also made Owlet a cutting box from the cutting practice strips at Royal Baloo.  She really needed something like that to practice with because she’s been cutting everything in sight!!

As far as the blue Bs go in the collage below, expect a separate post from me on those soon, but you can probably figure them out just from the collage 🙂

B is for Bee

We also continued a project we started last week on creation mobiles.  There’s a lot of painting, cutting, sprinkling, etc. going on in these!


They are very proud of the finished projects!!

finished mobiles

While we were focused on creation, we decided to make our own starry sky and constellation projects.

starry sky

And we even made our own earth models out of rice krispie treats.

rice krispie earths

We also started back to Cubbies with a focus on Jesus loves the little children.  As I’m teaching Monkey and Owlet’s Cubbies class this year, I’m going to be bringing you many posts of the Honeycomb guide in-action along with additional ideas I might find along the way.  It’s been a year or two, and it feels good to be back with those preschool kids.


I worked with the big kids too this week!  We read Next Spring an Oriole to go along with our history program.  We’ve been studying the California gold rush and the settling of the Oregon territory.

We also continued our Bunnicula reading.  We read The Celery Stalks at Midnight and Nighty-Nightmare.  Both are completely full of silliness that I can spot much more easily than they can.  I especially found Nighty-Nightmare to be a fun and ridiculous use of the Dracula story.  I read Dracula for the first time when I was not much older than Firecracker, but I don’t think it would hold his interest yet.  If it would, this would be a perfect place to introduce the classic novel.


We did some writing (and both kids kept it brief) about our favorite Bunnicula characters this week, and Rose spent a bunch of time making perler bead versions of the characters.  She also made some of their accessories and I thought it was quite cute.  Especially since she then used my phone and Hubby’s phone to record four installments of Bunnicula stories of her own using her new perler bead characters!!


Rose also started working on a paper mache version of Chester’s head.  (Chester is the cat in Bunnicula.)  She also worked on a colored pencil drawing based on one of the main events in a story Chester tells in Nighty-Nightmare.

We also worked on verbs and some action verbs to describe our characters.

We made cream filled chocolate cupcakes since they’re the dog’s favorite treat.  That was Firecracker’s suggestion and project this week!

bunnicula 2

While Rose was making her perler bead Bunnicula characters, Firecracker got out the perler beads as well.  His creations are mostly characters from Mario or Pikmin, and he has spent long hours playing with these characters since he created them.

perler mario and pikmin

He also did a bit of papercrafting this week.  He made these simple Kirby boxes using some templates he found on Pinterest.  Of course, he even used my exacto knife himself for the first time in making these, so his crafting ability is coming some ways.


We also continued dipping our toes into our horse unit this week.  We discussed hands and converted things from inches to hands and we discussed the story of the Exodus.  This was really cool because we looked online at some drawings of Egyptian chariots and we found Egypt on a map.  It was really interesting to me to find that the Egyptians didn’t ride horses, but they used them to pull their chariots.  Rose used the 1-2-3 Draw Horses book I bought them to draw these pictures of horses while we were reading this week.  I’m looking forward to really digging deep into this one as time goes by.



I guess that about does it for this week.  Whew!  As you can probably tell, I’ve been hard at work this week helping children do their things!  I do feel like I’m finally starting to get a good rhythm between time spent working with the older two children and time spent with the younger two.  As many of you know, this is something that has bothered me for a while, and I’m pleased that those imbalances are mending themselves.


4 thoughts on “This Week: Perler, Bunnicula and Bees

  1. What a great week. I thought chocolate was poisonous for dogs. Maybe there isn’t that much in a cupcake. All of your crafts look awesome!
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. It is supposed to be (and that’s one of the things my children laugh about in the stories), but our dog used to steal chocolate too, so we can totally relate!! LOL Thanks for the compliments on the crafts. My kids are totally crafty people 🙂

    1. My children love them in all their silliness, and I appreciate them as an adult seeing that I’m much more familiar than they are with the different ideas that the author is drawing from 🙂

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