Abraham the Alligator

Over the past couple of weeks, as the preschoolers have studied “A is for alligator,” Rose has been drawing pictures and writing stories about alligators and crocodiles.  My favorite one, so far, has been “Abraham the Alligator,” a story that Rose wrote about and Alligator who starts thinking he is Abraham Lincoln.  This morning I’m sharing it with you guys so that I can preserve it for my memories 🙂


Chapter 1: Andrew

Once upon a time there was a muddy pond with two alligators.  One was named Andrew and the other was his mother.


Andrew wanted to have an adventure, but his Mom said no.  He said, “I’m a grown alligator, and I’m okay without you, Mom.  I love you, Mom.  Goodbye, Mom.”


As he walked off, Andrew told himself, “I’m going to rename myself.  My name is going to be Abraham Alligator.  I’m going to run for president, but first,  I have to have a tuxedo.”


Chapter 2

As he walked into the town, he saw something gleaming in a window.  It was a tuxedo.


“How do  I look?” he asked himself.

“Good,” he said. (I tried to interject here that I was pretty sure only crazy people had conversations with themselves.  The author gave me an ugly look at that point.)


Chapter 3

As he started walking, Abraham saw a banner that said, “Running for President!”  As soon as the man saw Abraham, he told the manager that an alligator was running for president.


As all the people got on stage, the manager pulled the name out of the hat.  Who would it be? (As an aside, I realize the author has no real understanding of the election process.  When I started telling her we could learn about it, she also told me she has no real interest in learning the election process.)


“And the winner is…”  The manager was surprised when he looked at the card, and he called out the winner, “Abraham Alligator!!”


Everybody looked sad, but they said, “Congratulations, Abraham Alligator!!”


Abraham Alligator 1927.  He was very famous throughout the world. (I heard the author explaining to her brother that 1927 was the date that Abraham died, not the date he was elected.)


I love that this has developed into a simple chapter book.  This is probably the first time she’s developed one.  I also love the cute drawings of the alligator walking around with the cane and top hat.  I thought it was a really fun story for her to write.


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