This Week: Creation, Bunnicula, and the Braves!

This was a busy week.  We’ve been places, had fun and done  a lot of things resembling schoolwork.  I feel happy with it!  By far, however, the most exciting thing for the big kids is their special date with Hubby and me to the Atlanta Braves game.  We took them to Fuddruckers, had a great time at the game (with perfect weather and a Braves win!) and we took them for late night milkshakes at Steak ‘n Shake afterwards.

Braves game

We continued our studies of Bunnicula this week.  We watched some YouTube documentaries on Dracula and a YouTube cartoon version of Bunnicula.

We learned the dance “The Bunny Hop” and listened to it and tried to dance to the beat several times!

We also created some chalk art inspired by the characters in Bunnicula.

Because one Bunnicula book is not enough, we also read Howliday Inn and are getting ready to move on to the third Bunnicula story.  We’re going to be continuing to create and learn based on Bunnicula for a while.  I also already have three unit studies I would like to strew this year based on the Bunnicula books so far–nutrition, bats and blood.  I think Bunnicula is going to continue to be a great source of inspiration for some time to come.  In my head, I can also see gardening/vegetable and dog unit studies as well….and that’s just the tip of the iceberg….

bunnicula chalk

The children continued spending a lot of time with Celery Night Fever this week.  They’ve formed their own band based on the DVD, and the children are now preforming as their favorite characters.  Disco is alive and well at our house!!

celery night fever

We finished our studies of the letter A for now.  We made “Super A”s.  Even Firecracker had to get in on that .  He made his though and then cut out bananas and began singing the “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” song over and over again!!

Look for “B is for Bee” to be a part of next week’s studies!!

super a

Speaking of Firecracker, he’s also back to creating with origami again!  This time, he’s been making an army of Kirby dolls.

kirby origami

He’s also been scouring Pinterest for tutorials and examples of different origami and paper craft templates to use creating.

Rose has been working on a big poster of horse pictures.  You can’t see it very well yet, but she’s done a lot of the drawing and is working on adding color to it.  She’s excited about it.  We ordered a large shipment of horse books from Amazon and began the Amanda Bennett unit study Handsome Horses this week.  It’s one that Rose and Firecracker have been asking to do for a while, and we just haven’t gotten around to it until now because our review schedule has kept us so busy for a big part of the year!  I anticipate spending what time we’re not spending on Bunnicula on horses for the next month to six weeks, and I’m glad that both the children are happy about that!


The Handsome Horses unit study begins by thinking about creation and what say of creation horses were created on.  This was a great way to get the preschoolers involved in reviewing creation too!  I started work with them on some creation mobiles that are going to be beautiful by the time we’re finished next week.  I’m probably going to devote an entire post just to them so that you can see some of the details we’re planning 🙂

creation mobiles

We also colored some Creation coloring sheets and made our own creation books from them this week.  The preschoolers are happy to look through their finished books and discuss all the things God made.  Rose and Firecracker only made partial books and Firecracker cut his pages apart to make paper dolls to play with!!

creation books

Totally related and yet unrelated is my work starting to get some unit planning ready for Community Bible Study this fall.  I’m co-teaching in the 2-year old class and for the first lesson I’m making some discovery bags for the days of Creation.  I’ll keep you posted on what all I decide to put in the bags 😉

creation bags

I’ve also been reading some fish books to the preschoolers and we’ve made foam and tissue paper fish this week.  They then raced them around the house calling them, “My Little Fishies” and naming them after the “My Little Pony” characters.

foam fish

Rose and I also spent the biggest part of a whole day this weekend preparing teacakes and creating stuff for a tea party.  It was great fun.  Rose had made up games.  We ate and drank and took turns reading poetry.  I’m sure it’s something that she’s going to eventually want to do again.

Tea party

I also purchased the children a typing program this week called Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum 5.  It was half-off as a lightning deal one day this week, and we’re really pleased with the game like structure and the bright and colorful interface.



I just wanted to leave you with one more collage of my beautiful preschoolers.  Today is my three year blogging anniversary.  It’s hard to believe that these cuties were four months and eighteen months old when I started writing at this domain.

I started blogging to write about some of the AWANA lessons I was teaching and about my cross-stitching.  Now, my blog has truly become focused on child-raising and teaching in a way that makes me very happy.  If you come and visit and read our goings on from time-to-time, thank you!!



I guess that about does it for this week.  I hope everyone else is having a great week, and for those of you who homeschool, as you start easing back into the school routine, I hope things are going smoothly 🙂

I’ll be back tomorrow to share one of Rose’s alligator stories I promised to share a couple of weeks ago, and I have reviews for UberSmart Math Facts and Essentials Skills Advantage planned for Friday and Monday before bringing my Poppins Book Nook post on Tuesday next week. (So, I’ve got everything planned out and I just have to go write it now 😉 )


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