Wizzy Gizmo Review

I’m always looking for high quality books, movies and audio resources for my children.    After all, our children are only given to us for a limited amount of time, and the last thing we want to do is to squander that time by filling their hearts and minds with junk.  So, when I received a chance to review a product from Wizzy Gizmo, I was excited to receive a new tool to help me to hide more of God’s word in my young children’s hearts.

We received Audio Drama One:  Who Created Everything?.  This audio drama is on CD and retails for $14.99.  It is meant for children ages 4-12.  I listened to it with all four of my children, and their ages are 9, 7, 4, & 3.

Wizzy Gizmo

Wizzy Gizmo is an inventor.  His most important invention is Gizmovision.  Using the Gizmovision machine, he can transport himself and others into any book they wish.  He, along with two children from his town and assorted talking animals  (Qwacky the duck  and Pepe the dog) decide that the first place they want to go is into the Bible to learn more about God’s word.  The go to the very beginning, and are able to observe God creating the world.  This story covers everything that happens in Genesis 1.  The audio drama is not just filled with narration, it’s also filled with songs and has several bonus music tracks following the main drama, songs, and Bible quiz at the end.

The running time on the story is around 35-40 minutes, but with the bonus tracks, the CD is around an hour.  We’ve played it once or twice at home, but mostly, we’ve been playing the CD in the car as we’ve traveled around town.

My children love the CD.  Qwacky the duck and Pepe the dog provide a lot of comic relief in a way that is fun and wholesome.  For example, one of my children’s favorite parts is on the Bible quiz, where the lines go:

Why did God Create Man?

Pepe:  To be a dog’s best friend!

That one gets my children laughing and saying, “No, Pepe!” every time.  They, of course, have listened to the children correct Pepe so much that they’ve memorized the CD’s answer and say it in their laughter every time.  (If you don’t know, I guess you’ll have to listen to the CD to find out the right answer.)

The children also love the music.  They love the serious songs, but a song Qwacky sings that’s an ode to how much he loves mangoes (right after God creates all the plants) is the song I hear them singing and even banging out on their rhythm instruments around the house.  I’ve even seen stuffed animals around our house being made to dance to and sing the songs.  The children actually gave me some feedback on how much they enjoyed it and how good it was, so it was a hit around our house!

As a mom, I love that my children love this.  There tend to be a lot of resources on creation, but this one is a really good one.  I want to take a couple of minutes to share with you some of the things that  I love about it.

First, as far as I can tell, after several listenings, the complete text of Genesis chapter 1 in within the audio drama.  The text is read and then things happen.  The characters may have an explanation, a discussion, a song or even a word definition.  However, wherever the discussion goes, it always comes back to the Bible, and that’s something that’s important to me.

Second, the characters do a good job of explaining meaning as they go through the text.  I especially love the part where Wiz is explaining to the children that God created everything out of nothing, and he did it just by speaking.  These added details are not always apparent on the first listening, but the more we’ve listened to the story, the more details I’ve seen that it teaches to the children.

Sometimes, I personally find the humor a little distracting, but the children love it, and I’ve seen that sometimes that humor is what teaches them the details.  So, I also love that the humor is inserted in a meaningful way that’s going to help the children remember some of the basics that we want them to take from this account in Genesis 1.

I also find this CD to be very Biblically sound.  There’s nothing in it that would offend a mainline protestant or evangelical.  This is a stick to the Bible account that is true to the letter of the text, and I find that is the standard that I’m trying to lean on as I consider the resources that I use in Bible teaching.

The only thing I dislike is that there’s not an audio drama two yet!  There is a book two, however, that you can always purchase if you want to read more stories of their adventures while you’re waiting for the next audio drama.

The Crew reviewed several items that are produced by Wizzy Gizmo.  They reviewed two books and a really cool looking set of New Testament cards to help your children be able to remember the books of the New Testament by the key chapters, persons, etc. in the book.  Make sure you click on the banner below to check out some of the other reviews on this audio drama and on the other products!

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