Gathering Resources for your Homeschool

If you’ve been following along this week, you’ll have sat and thought about your goals for your children.  As you saw in my examples, a big part of my goal-setting for my children was not academic.  Once you’ve decided what’s most important to you, you become free to allow their interests to dominate the rest of your time together.

Next, you have to actually find out what’s going to interest your child.  There’s no way to plan an interest-led/delight-directed kind of year unless you know what your children are interested in and want to learn about.

Now you’re going to want to gather some resources.  Today, I’m going to share with you the best ways that I know to gather resources.

The first and foremost best resource is to keep a well stocked supply closet.  It’s impossible to create as you’re interested in something if you don’t have the supplies to do it.  Sometimes, you can go get supplies later, but other times, once the moment is passed, it’s gone forever.

In our supply/craft closet, we keep:

  • copier paper, cardstock, construction paper in various sizes, scrapbook paper and sketchbooks
  • pencils, pens, sharpies, colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolor crayons and pencils, chalk pastels
  • dry erase boards and markers
  • glue sticks, liquid glue, hot glue, tape, double sided tape, brass fasteners, paper clips and a couple of staplers
  • stamps and ink
  • watercolor, acrylic, fingerpaint, fabric paint and tempera paints
  • perler beads, pony beads and jewelry making beads
  • yarn, pom poms, pipe cleaners
  • shape punches, punched shapes, ribbons, buttons, balloons
  • index cards, blank notecards and artist trading card sized cards
  • stickers
  • paper plates
  • tissue paper
  • felt
  • cotton balls q-tips, and fiberfill
  • recycled egg cartons, cardboard, paper tubes, etc.
  • various fabrics, sequins, etc.

The craft closet isn’t something that you’re going to build overnight.  It’s from years of doing crafty stuff and buying extras and having leftovers.

Another favorite place for me to store resources is to pin ideas on Pinterest.  You can follow me here if you wish, and every time we have an interest pop up or I just see something cool and want to pin it for later, I find a place for it on my boards.

Another great place to build resources is through watchlists on Amazon Prime and Netflix.  This is where you’re searching through Amazon or Netflix and you see a perfect movie, documentary or television show that you know your children will be interested in, so you put it on your interest list for the right time to share it with your children.

Books are also a great way to gather resources.  The library can be a fun place to go with an interest that your children are really focused on right now, but I tend to buy books.  If you buy books, they can sit on your bookshelves, and if you child wasn’t interested in the book that you showed them in March, they might be suddenly interested in it in December.  I tend to assemble a big book/movie box for each child for Christmas, and use that as I perfect time to stock shelves.  I know some people are thinking about book clutter, and if that’s a concern for you, don’t forget ebooks!  Ebook readers are great places to store books and learning apps, and there’s so much that you can find free that you might find yourself not paying for a book or an app again!

Those are some of the major ways we store resources.  If you visit again tomorrow, I’ll be sharing how I put all the goals, interests and resources into play in creating an atmosphere for our homeschool.

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