This Week: Alligator Crazy

I feel exceedingly happy this week.  We’ve really found a groove that has eluded us since February.  We’ve also found a new interest that all four children can share–alligators and crocodiles.  I don’t know how far this interest is going to carry us, but for right now, we’re really enjoying alligators.

One of the first things we did this week was to make little felt alligators.  I used the pattern and instructions that I found at Wildflower Ramblings to make these cuties.  I made the alligators for the little kids, but Firecracker and Rose made their own.

She also had a coloring sheet in the download with the pattern for the felt alligator that we used as a sheet to fingerpaint with.  Rose created a comic book called “The Very Evil Alligator.”

alligator school

We also colored a cute coloring sheet that I found at 1+1+1=1 under the Aa Alligator Extras.  I thought this was great because, as I mentioned last week, Monkey’s really working on learning how to write his letters and his traced the “Aa is for alligator” when he was coloring the sheet.

I also sat out an invitation to play for the little kids using pattern blocks and the color pattern block alligator mat at PreKinders.  Monkey and Owlet both enjoyed discovering the blocks and patterns on the table and putting together their “puzzles.”

alligator school 2

Rose wrote a second story called “Abraham the Alligator” that is about an alligator who dresses up like Abraham Lincoln and runs for president.  I’ll have to share more of her cute story in its own post 🙂

abraham alligator

We also read some alligator and crocodile themed books this week.  We read Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile, which is one of Firecracker’s favorites, and somehow, it always leads to us wrapping all of our stuffed animals in toliet paper 🙂

We also read The Lady with the Alligator Purse.  I can’t ever read that one without thinking about the Wiggles version of “Murray had a turtle.”  (Rose went through a real Wiggles loving phase!)

We also read The Enormous Crocodile.  Actually, I read this every single day to all four of the children.  By the time we reached the third or fourth day, I found an audio version that we really enjoyed.

Another thing we enjoyed, although not a book was the Wild Kratts episode, “Mom of a Croc.”  I found a You Tube version, but we actually watched this on Netflix.

We did read one novel this week that wasn’t related to Crocodiles or Alligators.  We read The Boy in the Alamo.  It was a wonderful and engaging story that was historically accurate.  We all loved it, especially Firecracker and me.  I cried a little and my hard-hearted children acted like I was crazy and reminded me that I already knew all the soldiers in the Alamo died.  I didn’t need to cry.


I also made the boys happy by finding them some new Angry Birds Star Wars coloring sheets for them to make paper characters out of.  These coloring sheets came from Hello Kids.

angry birds star wars

We’ve also been really enjoying a show called Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures on Netflix this week.  Firecracker’s been drawing and creating paper dolls based on some of what he’s watched on there.


We also received and watched Celery Night Fever this week.  Expect a full review and a giveaway tomorrow.  The children were very excited about this one, and we even went to the VeggieTales website and downloaded a few coloring sheets after we watched the movie.

celery night fever

We also continued working on our Essential Skills Advantage and Ubersmart Math Facts reviews.  Both of those will be coming your way before the end of the month.

We also did some online gameplay at Starfall.  The preschoolers love it and Starfall also remains one of Rose’s favorite websites to spend time at.

There’s also a picture in this collage from Buck Denver Asks: What’s in the Bible? Volume Six – A Nation Divided.  We’re almost finished reading II Chronicles aloud, and Firecracker’s been seriously working on remembering the timeline of the Kings of Israel and Judah.  There’s a song about the kings of Judah on this DVD that he loves and finds very helpful.

online learning

This is some random shots.  The upper left is some math that Firecracker did while he was working with my Dad last week.  He was very proud of his math skills.

I’ve also been sorting more perler beads for the children.  They’re more creative if I go through and sort the bead colors for them.

Also, Rose made a table that actually held up glasses of lemonade for a fort that she and the little kids built using cardboard and hot glue.  She was very proud of her creation!


And finally, I took some photos of Owlet that made me laugh.  She was posing in her dress, and making the most serious faces and asking me to take her picture, so I have a ton of frowny faced Owlet on my camera!  She also has been sitting on the kitchen floor and playing while I cook, and I think it’s so sweet and cute when she does that!

I really like the photos of her and Monkey from the day we got McDonald’s though because she’s got her hair up in pigtails!  Too much cuteness there for me! LOL


I think that about does it for our week.  I’m pretty sure that next week is going to be alligator and crocodile themed as well!  Expect to see me do a five day series next week on the blog with “Five Days of Planning for an Interest-Led Year” as part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew’s Five Days of Back to School Blog Hop.


4 thoughts on “This Week: Alligator Crazy

    1. I have actually never read any of the Lyle books, even though his name is a familiar one. I thought about checking out some, but I was trying to stick to alligators (for the preschoolers) until the older two started being curious about crocodiles, the differences, etc. Maybe next time I get books though…. 🙂

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