This Week

This week felt productive.  I don’t know that it was more productive than usual, but we were home three whole days, and so I felt like we spent a lot of time learning.  I will probably look back on this week and think of it as a “back-to-school” type week for us.  We’re only a week away from training for Community Bible Study starting back, so soon we’ll be back on our regular fall schedule.  We’re not doing too much outside the house this year though because I’ve realized that if we don’t stay home, we just don’t have time to learn and create in the way that we would like.

We read a little this week.  I’ve read That’s Not My Pirate a ton this week.  Owlet loves to look at it and tell me why “It’s not her pirate!”  This book is also falling apart since I’ve had it through all four of the children’s toddler years!

We also read Angry Birds: Seasons.  It takes each month of the year and finds five holiday celebrations to discuss with the youngsters reading the book.  It’s not my favorite of the series, but I can totally see how much it ties into the game Angry Birds: Seasons.


We have been studying the Alamo for history, and we’ve decided we wanted to make an Alamo model.  We started out with trying to make a chocolate chip cookie model, and despite making delicious cookies, we couldn’t even pull the walls out of the pan well enough to make the Alamo.  We’re moving on to the idea of making a wooden model.

However, I’m glad we tried the chocolate chip model because it was my first time letting Owlet help me with the cookies.  She was so serious gathering chocolate chips into the measuring cups with her little hands, and she kept saying, “I love cooking.  I love making this.”  This Momma’s heart felt so blessed to be able to spend some special time with her.

cookie making

The children also continued working on Essential Skills Advantage this week.  It’s going over pretty well in our house.  We also worked on UberSmart Math Facts again this week which made Rose cry.  I told her not to worry.  If she can’t master her addition facts, she can always use a calculator!


We also spent some time using our handheld game toys and watching cartoons.  I try not to let the kids have too much video game time, but  I admit that Monkey and Owlet always look so cute when they have their games pushed close together to play.


One of the shows we haven’t watched before that the kids discovered this week was Ultimate Spiderman.  It’s inspired lots of drawings!!  They’ve also been watching the old Super Mario Bros. cartoon, and playing with some new Mario cars they’ve been getting at McDonald’s.  They’re actually so into the Mario cars that my Mom and Dad have been stopping at different McDonald’s and buying just the cars for the kids to help them build the whole collection.

ultimate spiderman

The preschoolers have also been coloring, playing Beauty and the Beast, playing on Owlet’s princess piano and Monkey has even fashioned his own knight costume.  I’m going to have to get him a better helmet than a Spiderman trash can!!


We’ve also restarted learning about the letter A with the preschoolers.  This time we’re trying “A is for Alligator.”  With the exception of Owlet going around and calling the alligator a crocodile, the little kids really seem to be getting the idea of A and of how it says, “Aaaaahhh!”

The crocodile/alligator confusing has also inspired some science questions on the part of Firecracker, so I’m imagining that we’re going to have a little bit of science related to this.  I love when we find something that sparks the interest of all four children. 🙂

letter a

We’ve also been engaging in some sewing.  Rose finished her first cross-stitch project this week with a cross-stitch robot, and both Rose and Firecracker sewed little plush teddy bears.  Rose is looking through some of my patterns for a new project to start this weekend, and I think our next plush sewing project is going to be an alligator.


That about does it for this week.  We have a lot of ideas being sparked here and a long to-do list of things that we’d like to learn about and make.  This bodes well going into the end of summer 🙂


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