This Week

This was a very relaxed week.  My allergies are bothering me, so I don’t have my usual (somewhat frenetic) energy.  Also, I’ve watched this week go by in a flurry of a doctor appointment for me (blood pressure), haircuts for the boys, a cheap movie morning at the local theater (The Lego Movie), swimming at my in-laws and the children spending the night with my parents.  Summer fun!!

Rose did get in some more bird watching this week, but these birds weren’t nearly so bright and colorful as the ones she captured last week.  I think her interest may have waned just a little bit until she sees some more bright and cheerful birds!


The preschoolers were really excited this week because Royal Baloo had some new Frozen printable packs.  They’ve been dot markering the characters with their beginning letters, and that is a great way for us to talk just a little bit about our letters.  You’ll probably see us doing more of the Frozen worksheets in the days to come.

dot markers

While I’m writing about the little kids, I just had to share these random, around the house pictures that I’ve snapped of the kids playing together.  It makes me happy to see how much they enjoy each other’s company.  I was also happy to take this picture of my pretty Owlet with her damp hair from the bath and still completely passy free!!  She’s not even asking about her passy this week, so I’m one happy Momma 🙂

fun together

Monkey, as always, is completely into his superheroes.  This week, he’s taken a bunch of time to be Ironman and Iron Patriot.  I love that the day I took these photos he was even wearing the Ironman house slippers that he’s loved so much!  I am so glad that he loves his superheroes 🙂

iron man

This week I’ve strewn some pirate and princess coloring books and wooden masks that I got at the Dollar Tree.  Poppins Book nook for the month is quickly approaching and I just haven’t hit on an activity that’s clicking for me this month.  I’m sure something will come along or I’ll be sharing a hodgepodge of the little things we’ve done so far this month.

We did read How to Be a Pirate: The Heroic Misadventures of Hiccup the Viking this week.  I only got the first two because I didn’t realize how much the children would love them, so I foresee us getting this series and finishing it as time goes by.


We continued working with Ubersmart Math Facts.  I love how the dot cards are building their confidence in problem solving and as I see them work, I have more confidence in their math abilities.  Firecracker and Rose are each practicing three fact tables a day, and I like having the practice sessions going on right now.  I can’t say that they’re in love with it, but they certainly don’t mind spending the time working on the program.


We also added another review into the mix this week.  We’re going to be working with Essential Skills Advantage for the next few weeks (longer if the children like it).  I actually am going to be using three different levels of the program as I allowed Monkey to join in with us at the Kindergarten level of the program.  So far, Monkey and Rose really like it, but we’ve only worked on it one day.  Firecracker did the minimum I required him to do and got off.


I guess that’s really about all for this week.  Lots of time out of the house and a surprising amount of schoolwork on the computer.  (It can be hard for this non-screen friendly mom to see the children on the computer much, even when it is schoolwork.)  I have a lot of projects I’m wanting to do with the kids (and a lot more I’m wanting to write about), so hopefully, I’ll get some of it accomplished soon!


3 thoughts on “This Week

  1. I love your bird pics! It looks like the kids had a fun time with all their projects! Bethany loves dot painting. I’m sure she would love the computer games you’ve got here too! I’ll have to check them out!

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