Our Favorite Resources for Free Printables

My preschoolers can go through a workbook in less than a day.  It doesn’t matter if it’s dollar store, Kumon or nice coloring book they got for Christmas.  When they get on a roll coloring or “doing school,” they can really go through some workbook pages.  (They can also burn through paper and printer ink, but that’s another story!)

For my older children, the wonder of most workbooks and worksheets has faded.  However, they still can find themselves interested in a worksheet if it involves a character that they’re interested in or a show or video game they love.  They also have a great love for online coloring sheets and printable crafts, so they’re not quite as jaded as they would have me believe!  So, today I’m going to share with you some of our favorite resources that we turn to time and time again for free printables.

Free Printables


3 Dinosaurs–When we’re doing a new theme with a picture book or when the smaller children want to do dot marker pages, this is always the first place I look for printables.  Her children are similar in age to mine and as they get older, she’s making older printables.  Even  Firecracker can enjoy working through some of the printables she has!  In the past year we have used her Bear Snores on Pack for our Hibernation theme in January and her Star Wars pack for some May Star Wars fun.

Royal Baloo–I can’t ever search 3 Dinosaurs for printable packs without remembering to go visit her friend Erin at Royal Baloo.  They often work on packs together, so their packs complement each other.  However, Erin has many cool packs (made for older ages than the ones at 3 Dinosaurs)!  This year we’ve used her Star Wars packs and her Gingerbread man printables.  My all time favorite pack on her website though is her Kindergarten Chess pack.  When Firecracker first started learning about chess, I sat down with him and this pack, and we loved it so much!

Homeschool Share–Whenever I’m starting to think about using a new book with the children, I check out Homeschool Share.  The children don’t enjoy lapbooks as much as I do, so we don’t use many of the printables, but we do use them on occasion, and I always find great inspiration when we do use them.

Learn, Create, Love–This is hands-down my favorite free printable site right now.  It’s a crafts site, as opposed to early learning printables and worksheets, but the things we learn from it are far beyond crafts.  It’s inspired Monkey’s entire interest in community helpers, learning about different kinds of monkeys, and dinosaurs recently.  There’s also some great fun crafts like My Little Ponies and Angry Birds.  My four year old wants to sit and color, cut out and glue together her crafts all day long some days, and that’s great for his fine motor skills as well as his early learning just by learning simple things like the fireman belonging with the firetruck.

monkey's crafts


Free Homeschool Deals–Even though Free Homeschool Deals is primarily a deal sharing site, they occasionally host their own free printables.  For example, Monkey and Owlet worked through the free Mermaid and Ocean do a dot printables on this site that were created by Erin at Royal Baloo just this week!

H&M Coloring Pages–If I’m looking for coloring pages for the children related to a book or movie they love, this is the first place I go.  I printed out so many Frozen Easter themed coloring pages from this site around Easter that it wasn’t funny.  They also have My Little Pony, Ninjago, and so many other themes my children can browse for hours.

Cartoon Jr.–This is another great site to look for coloring pages and activity sheets related to different television shows and video games.  We’ve spent a lot of time here printing out Plants vs. Zombies themed coloring sheets recently.

This Reading Mama–Another great place to go, especially if you’ve got a child from pre-k to 3rd who is working on reading and writing is This Reading Mama.  I’ve downloaded many things from her website in the past.  Most recently, I downloaded her Open and Closed Syllable practice pack.  The activities and the printable posters and cards have helped my nine year get over a hump in sounding out larger words.  Now he’s reading most of them like a pro!

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational–I love everything here and it’s all fun and games!  From alphabet practice to multiplication facts (and even history games), I can always find something here to play that I know the children will like and will help them learn.  The game from this site that’s gotten the most play in our house over the past few months is her Medieval Kingdom card game.  We started playing this when we were learning about the feudal system for history back in March, and we still pick up the cards for an occasional game.

Those are our favorites.  There are many more sites we visit, but these are the ones we turn to again and again when we’re looking for free printables.  What are your favorite sites for free printables?  What kind of printables are you looking for?  You can always visit some of the posts by my other friends on the Crew as this is part of a Crew round-up.  Just click the link below for more posts!! (Link goes live 7/16.)

Free Printables Round-Up 


12 thoughts on “Our Favorite Resources for Free Printables

  1. Great resources! I love free printables, and I am always amazed to see how many resources are actually out there. Free is great when it comes to home schooling, and other things of course, but I love free home school resources. 🙂

    1. I’m excited about the idea of older stuff!! My youngest is three, so we’re still firmly in the tot and preschool packs with my younger two, but I love when I can find stuff for the older two 🙂

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