Frozen Inspired Olaf Costumes

When we had the Frozen party at the church the other week, I knew that I wanted the children to have costumes.  They wanted costumes too!  In fact, when I consulted the girls, they had a long list of costumes we could make.  Since my husband and I were the ones organizing the Frozen outreach, I knew that I wouldn’t have time to make a perfect Anna or Elsa costume, but  I could do something.

I looked around on Pinterest and I found a cute pin where a mom had made Olaf t-shirts for her boys.  That is what I used as the inspiration for my t-shirts.  My husband took the snowman head from the template and used Adobe  Illustrator to enlarge it to the size of a sheet of paper.  Then, I placed Olaf’s head underneath white t-shirts I had  bought at Hobby Lobby and lightly traced the lines with pencil.


Then, I would use fabric paint and paint brushes to complete the paintings on the face.  For this, you will need brown, orange, black and white fabric paints and a paintbrush that you don’t mind if it gets ruined.  Sometimes fabric paint can be difficult to remove from paint brushes.

My advice to you is to begin painting at the top of the face with the brown twigs and paint your way all the way down to the bottom.  I used paintbrushes for all except the actual black outline around Olaf’s head.  There I used the squirt tip of the bottle.  Also, you do not need to paint Olaf’s face in because your t-shirt is white.  (So, if you use a different colored shirt paint away!)  However, a little white paint on the tooth does make it standout from the white background.


Olaf's head

Rose, of course, wanted the opportunity to make her own.  As you can see, she did a great job, except she decided to paint in the white on Olaf’s face, and fearing that it wouldn’t dry on time for the party, I asked her to paint a second shirt.



The boys wore the t-shirts with dark shorts and were ready to go! (Pardon the darkness of this photo.  Sometimes my phone takes good pictures, and sometimes it’s really irritating!)



The girls, however, needed a few extra touches to make their outfits stand out.  My Mom helped me by making the girls tulle tutus to wear with their shirts.  These are the simple tutus that are strips of tulle tied onto elastic.  We went with black and white, but if you’re going for a snowman look, a simple white one would also look nice.



We also tied bows onto the sleeves of the girls  shirts and used ribbons to tie up the waists of the shirts for a more fitted look.

Frozen Olaf Costumes

The children were happy with the results, but the girls have already made me promise to make them Anna and Elsa costumes soon!


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