This Week: Summer Fun

We decided with Independence Day falling on Friday that we needed to spend most of the week taking a break from our regular activities to focus on summer fun!  It ended up being a great time to have a more relaxing week because most of our current reviews are ending and new reviews haven’t started up yet (That means there’s no push to get much done!) 🙂

We did read James and the Giant Peach this week.  The children have become big fans of Dahl, and this is the third of his books we have read.  They’ve been looking up his other titles though, so I have a feeling that we’ll be reading many more.

Rose did some reading aloud to me this week.  She read Reading Adventures Disney Princess Level 1 Boxed Set to me.  These are really easy predictable readers that introduce just a few new vocabulary words per book.  I’ve had them sitting on a shelf for a while, but Owlet pulled them off the bookshelf (she’s suddenly very interested in Disney Princesses), and Rose was very proud to be able to read them to me without much help.

We also continued to work on our Veritas Press history curriculum this week.  We finished learning about slavery and the Underground Railroad.  As a part of that, we also finished reading . . . If You Traveled on the Underground Railroad.  We actually read this book last fall and the children hated it, so it was funny to see how much they loved it this time around.  Our next history card is about the Cherokee Trail of Tears, so I’m looking forward to delving more into that this week.


We did some serious movie watching with Hubby this week.  We watched all of the extended versions of the Lord of the Rings movies, and Rose fell in love with the elves.  She drew herself a couple of little elf puppets with bows and arrows as we were watching  the movies.

elf puppets

Rose is like her mother and can’t just sit still for very long, so she’s also had out the hot glue gun and popsicle sticks and is starting to work on some creations.  She told me that she’s pretty sure that this one is starting to look like a slave shack.  I guess we’ll see what develops here.

popsicle stick houses

We continued testing coke slushies this week.  We also made strawberry ice cream and we worked on some special cupcakes for July 4th.  I expect that I’ll be writing some follow-up blog posts on some of those subjects soon enough.

Food Crafts

The preschoolers worked on making pictures with stickers and making monkey printable crafts.


We also got out our crayon maker and worked on melting some crayons.  I would rather do this in the oven, but Firecracker and Rose really like the crayon maker.  I’m hoping we get some really swirly colors to make rubbings with the sandpaper letters I’m making Monkey and Owlet to play with.

We did work on a virtue this week.  We learned about patience.  Rose was even inspired to make a perler bead Piggy Bank Frank.  She says she’s going to make the other characters too, so we’ll see how that goes.  If she really does it, and doesn’t lose interest in the project, I’ll have to keep you updated!

virtues and crayons

Hubby was off work the 3rd of July.  We took advantage of that to go to Despicable Me 2 at the cheap summer movie series that the Carmike Cinemas in town is doing.

We also went to the Rome Braves (nearby single A ball team) on the 3rd.  The children had fun.  It was a much cooler than usual summer evening, so it was pleasant weather to watch a ball game.  We sat on home run hill and Rose actually ended up with a home run ball!!  Sadly, it was from the other team, but a home run ball is so rare that she kept it anyway!!

The team had a fireworks show after the ball game that was totally awesome!  Then, we went and had a late night dinner at Steak ‘n Shake.  It was a fun (and very late) night for everyone!

Rome Braves

That’s really about it for our week.  We have a couple more Fourth of July photos I’ll share with you next week (since I usually do my weeks from Friday to Thursday).

Our plans for next week include mostly history, piano and reading How to Train Your Dragon.  We also have a couple of review products that I’m expecting to receive before the end of the week.  However, these are much less intense than some of the reviews we’ve just finished, so expect our weeks to be  full of summer fun instead of too much work for a few weeks!!

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7 thoughts on “This Week: Summer Fun

  1. Wow, where do you get all your energy? You accomplish so much every week! Dahl is an interesting writer…different. I really love the look of your homemade ice cream…everything looks great, really. Beautiful pictures of a wonderful life.

    1. Dahl is currently Rose’s favorite. We’ve only read three of his books, but I can tell that we will be reading a lot more. Thank you 🙂

    1. They are tricky! Too little time in the freezer and they don’t freeze….Too much time and they don’t want to come out of the bottle or the can because they’re too frozen 🙂

  2. It looks like you got a Week’s worth of learning in despite taking a break to enjoy some summer fun! I remember my first coke slushy. It was way back in 1972 at the new Willowbrook Mall in Wayne, NJ! We called them frozen cokes though!

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