A Preschool Update

Do you remember back in the Spring when I was hyped up on organization and acted like I was going to use the Little Hands to Heaven curriculum with my little kids?  I might even have written a blog post about it.  After about six weeks of using it, I was still in Unit 1 on Creation.  We’ve learned some great things about creation, Adam & Eve and Cain & Abel.  We’ve made paper plate snakes and we’ve discussed how to handle our feelings.


We’ve done a bunch of things that have nothing to do with that either.  We’ve used We Choose Virtues.  We’ve used KinderBach.  We’ve learned about community helpers and done a lot of things that were not on my curriculum plan or anywhere close to it (as luck would have it).


The preschoolers seem to be growing and thriving a learning a bunch without me spending a ton of time planning lessons, so I’ve decided to go back to planning in monthly themes for them.  That seems to work out best for us, and we’ll be alternating the Little Hands to Heaven units with more literature based unit studies for what I hope will be tons of preschool fun.  It also gives me a more realistic goal of strewing daily activities for the preschoolers instead of multiple activities each day.

So with that in mind, here are the monthly themes I’m attempting to plan for over the next few months.  Don’t hold me to them completely.  As always, plans around here are subject to change 🙂

July:  Rainbow Fish/F is for fish (perfect for summer!)

August: Noah’s Ark & The Tower of Babel/B is for Boat

Steptember:  Stellaluna /Birds vs. Bats

October:  Abraham, camels and Isaac/C is for “clip-clop”

November: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom/the whole alphabet, trees, coconuts

December:  Esau and Jacob/D is for Dusty Camel

This seems a little more reasonable for our schooling style and more like I’ll be able to find activities for both preschoolers and middle elementary school students to enjoy as we journey through these themes.  I’ll also be able to make progress without feeling guilty for not following the curriculum the way I had planned.  It’s a win-win for us 🙂

As you might also recall, at some point in mid-October we go into full holiday mode and most of our fun learning revolves around Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, so if we don’t get all the way down this theme list, some of it might be postponed for after the first of the year!


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