2014 Curriculum Plans

I just filed my paperwork to homeschool this year.  It’s our third year at home.  I planned big and classical the first year.  The second year I planned an eclectic plan, but I still planned deeply.  This year, I’m not planning curriculum.  I don’t ever follow through with my “plans” anyway.  I usually plan from fear of failure rather than the Lord’s leading.  Instead, I’m finally learning to enjoy the journey.

Firecracker will be a fourth grader.

Rose will be a second grader.

Monkey is officially pre-k age.

Owlet is still a tot.

We will continue to follow the Lord’s lead.  The children are learning and thriving, so I know that I should be free from fear.

We will focus on character.  We will follow the children’s interests.  I have quit defining myself as merely a homeschooler, and instead am defining myself as a parent.

We will create memories.  We will build projects.  We will do crafts.  We will find history, math, science, and English along the way.  I’ll also be strewing plenty of great resources, field trips and curriculum options across the children’s path along the way.

We also hope along the way to have the opportunity to share with you some great curriculum, books and projects.

If you’re planning for your school year right now, I encourage you to pray over what the Lord would have you to do.  He will lead you in the path that is right for your family.  As far as my current curriculum suggestions go, I wrote a post a couple of months ago outlining the curriculum choices that worked best for us in 2013-2014.  We actually used and enjoyed everything on that list 🙂

2014 curriculum plans


3 thoughts on “2014 Curriculum Plans

  1. I love what you wrote about being a parent rather than school teacher. Yes, always a challenge to find the right balance but our children need more parent than teacher I think!

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