This Week: Frozen Summer

This week has  been one of those weeks that has been mostly dedicated to summer fun.  I spent a big part of the end of the week and weekend focusing on an event that we hosted at our church called Frozen Summer.  I plan to write about the experience and give you some links for tutorials and things, but here are some glimpses at our event.

frozen party

It was incredibly fun to put on, and I hope that we  get to do another movie themed inreach/outreach at church next year.  In  the meantime, I’m glad to have all the painting, cutting, assembling and candy-making done for a while 🙂  Below are some pictures of my children in the photo booth at the event.

frozen photo booth

The child that isn’t mine in the pictures is Rose’s best friend, and she’s moving halfway across the country next month.  Rose is sad, but we also had a special playdate with her family this week, and we’ll be seeing them a couple more times before they move.

We did read some this week.  I started reading a book called Flourish by Mary Jo Tate, and I’ll be bringing you guys a review in about 3 weeks, but I’m enjoying having the reading material for summer!

We finally finished Poppy.  I was beginning to think that we weren’t going to finish because of the way that our summer’s went, but the children love the book and are thinking in terms of reading sequels.  I’ve already gotten a couple of sequels through Paperback Swap, but I have them put away for Christmas boxes because we have so many books on our bookshelves that we haven’t read right now!

We also read a short biography about Abraham Lincoln this week.  It’s a DK leveled reader and the writing on it is very good, so I highly recommend it.


We did more testing on coke slushies.  We consider it a public service 😉  We still don’t have it perfected for maximum slushiness, however, so we’ll be continuing to test next week.

coke slushies

I don’t know if I would call it school, but we worked through a couple of lessons on Homeschool Piano this week.  The children are learning the five finger scale and the signposts of the treble clef.  There’s been a lot of frustrated scale practice this week.  They want to practice but get so frustrated when it’s not perfect that I ask them to stop practicing!!

homeschool piano

I’ve been doing a separate preschool wrap-up, but the only preschool activities we did this week were robot printable crafts and a church printable craft from Learn, Create, Love.  Apparently, I need to ask Kimberly if she can make a preacher for the church though because Monkey suggested that maybe he should “make a god” for the church since it had no preacher.  The mind of a four year old!! LOL

monkey's creations

The children did work some more on their Moving Beyond the Page unit studies.  We didn’t really do anything that was too exciting this week.  We worked a lot of literature type stuff and we drew and cut and pasted several lifecycle wheels.

moving beyond the page

We worked some on our Write Shop A.  Mostly we journaled, worked on parts of a sentence and began brainstorming our next project.  Rose is finally starting to get into the idea of making her journaling more vivid, so I’m really enjoying the way this one is going.   I think, in a few weeks, we’ll start to see some great progress.


I just have a few more random things that I was going to share in this collage.

TL:  Rose has a new love for peach tea, and her grandmothers have been buying her packets of tea so that she can make it whenever she wants since I’m not a tea drinker.

TR:  The boy who doesn’t like cleaning is cleaning off the television screen without me even asking.  I guess when something is important to him he can clean it!

BL:  Rose is beginning to think her way through some more drawings again.  She’s had a period of not drawing, so I’m glad to see that she’s got more ideas lately.

BR:  I’m plugging away at stitching a series of bird ornaments.  They are pretty but tedious.

randomI’m planning on sharing some of our plans for this “school year” later this week, but as some of you realize, our plans are sketched in with a really light pencil!  So, what are you doing?  Are you doing any school or just enjoying some summer fun?

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4 thoughts on “This Week: Frozen Summer

  1. That Frozen party looks awesome!!! Can’t wait to see more details. We too are sketched very lightly in pencil 😉 Hope you have a great weekend!!

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