This Week: At the Beach

This week was a week of summer fun!  Firecracker and Rose spent the better part of their week at the beach with my parents, leaving Hubby and me alone at home with the little kids.

They spent a lot of time dining out.

dining out

They played at the swimming pool and the beach!  They even had a lazy river to drift around in!

swimThey played mini golf.

putt putt

They raced each other in  go kart/bumper car things!

go kart

They had fun travels and stayed at a great hotel!


The even got to go see both Maleficent and How to Train Your Dragon 2.  That makes me totally jealous!


Also this week, Rose got her first pedicure.


My husband ended up wearing a tutu to church to honor a challenge the children beat in raising money at Vacation Bible School.


I strewed a little school type stuff onto our dining room  walls and bookshelves.  I’ve also been doing a little Spring cleaning and reorganizing.  That gives me the perfect opportunity to move some stuff around where it might catch the interest of those around me.

school stuff

We also received our history flashcards from Veritas  Press.  Firecracker has strewn them all about looking through them and humming his history memory song.  He’s also put them on the lightbox and traced some of them to use in his artwork.  Aren’t the cards big and beautiful?


This week was special to the children  and we’ve been so busy since we got back that I haven’t heard all the stories yet, but  I will as time goes along.  I’m so thankful that they got to go and have a great week!

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