Our Preschool Week: Feelings and the Beast

This week Monkey and Owlet had my complete attention and most of what they wanted to do was to pull out all their toys and play.  We’ve had superheroes, cars and ponies everywhere this week!


Monkey also wanted to use his watercolor crayons to paint…a lot!  I’m seriously going to have to find a cheaper source of watercolor paper.  This week he continued to paint Larryboy characters.  He also painted Batman and Robin!

painting again

We did manage to talk about a few things though.  We read about Cain and Abel. It was totally foreign to them and  weird, so we also made it about our feelings.  I used the book What Do You Do with a Grumpy Kangaroo? and we made the emotion puppets that are from the ABC Jesus Loves Me website.  We also made a new puppet stage for the puppets by painting the lid to a copier paper box brown and making it blue felt “curtains.”


While we were on the topic of emotions, it was a good time to reintroduce the movie Beauty and the Beast to the children.  Beast struggles to control his emotions and it’s a good way to introduce the idea that we can control our emotions to the children.

I’m going to tuck this movie away for when we get to “self-control” in our We Choose Virtues cards!  While we were watching the movie, we colored a coloring sheet and made Belle and Beast paper dolls.  The links to these are all on my Beauty and the Beast pinterest board.  There are some other things pinned there too.  Like I said, I’m pulling this movie back out for the big kids in a couple of weeks.

beauty and the beast

The little kids also saw me writing my Learning Palette review and wanted to pull the palettes out for play.  So, we did some color matching with them.  I wish they had pre-k  level palette cards!

learning palette

Other than making our emotion puppets and talking about emotions, we had a very quiet and relaxed week around here.  I needed this week to make up for the hustle and bustle the bigger kids keep me at most of the time!

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