Joseph and the Many-Colored Macaroni Necklace

You might remember that we’re using My First Hands-On Bible  as one of our summer Bible study resources. It’s a lovely resource with lots of little activities to help the children become more involved as they listen to the Bible story.  There are also discussion questions, prayers and hands-on activities with each Bible story to help your children make connections and remember the stories that they are learning.

When we got to Joseph, it was time for another craft.  As you might remember, Joseph is the 11th (of 12) sons of Jacob.  He happens to be the favorite because he’s the firstborn son of Joseph’s beloved wife Rachel.  This favoritism causes all sorts of problems between Joseph and his brothers.

macaroni necklaces


We’ve done things with the story of Joseph a number of times, but it’s been a little while, so we decided to make something special while we talked about Joseph and his brothers.  We had made some paper bag ponchos recently for Cinco de Mayo, so I didn’t want to do a paper bag craft, so we made multicolored necklaces.

To make these necklaces, all you’re going to need are:

  • sharpies
  • a handful of uncooked ziti
  • yarn

I’ve seen some great tutorials on coloring pasta, but since we were only coloring a little bit (and making a lot of different colors), we decided to pull out the sharpie box and start coloring our pasta.

coloring macaroni

Eventually everyone had a nice pile of colored macaroni except Firecracker.  He decided to use just green and black and draw faces on all his macaroni.  They became ninjas and other characters.


Then, we got out the yarn and the children started stringing their necklaces.  It doesn’t really matter what color you use because if you used more than one or two  pieces, you probably used enough to  color all you need for a whole necklace.

stringing necklaces

Just close the necklace using a square knot and they are ready to wear!


Our Many Colored Macaroni Necklaces

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5 thoughts on “Joseph and the Many-Colored Macaroni Necklace

    1. We did have a fun morning making these 🙂 Firecracker did draw some pretty good ninjas for his necklace too!

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