This Week: Wrapping up Loose Ends

This week was vacation Bible school week, so we weren’t as productive as we normally are.  Our vacation Bible school is at night from 6:30-8:00, but Hubby was in charge of small groups and crafts, so we had to get there much earlier and leave a little later.  By the time we got home and ate dinner, it was often 11 or later before the children were in bed.  So, most days  they slept until 10 or later.  With that kind of start, our days were relaxed and filled with movies.

Next week, my big kids are going to the beach with my parents, so I’m just calling this week and next week break weeks for them 🙂  Of course, we did have some loose ends to tie up and some subjects to find stopping places in.  We did play outside a little and we collected grass for burning bush crafts.  It’s so hot that it’s not always great fun to play outside though unless you’re in the shade or in a swimming pool!

grass collecting

We read the story of Moses and the burning bush in our hands-on Bible this week, so we made grass and construction paper  burning bushes.   I thought that was pretty cool!

burning bushes

We learned a new virtue this week with “content.”  This is one we all could use, but I have one child especially who struggles with boredom and “wanting,”  but let’s face it, in our materialistic society, we could all use a little help with being happy with what we have.


We did spend some time watching  Go Science DVDs.  We’re reviewing two of them, but I’m going back and buying more for the children for Christmas!  We’ve also been collecting materials lists from the videos so that I can assemble what we need for some experiments when the children come back from the beach.

go science

We’re continuing to work through our unit studies on Poppy and Lifecycles from Moving Beyond the Page.  We’ve been classifying living and non-living, plant and animal, trying to put together a mouse skeleton (and failing completely in an adorable way).  We’ve been making a food chain with owls and mice.

We also found a couple of real life mice living in our garage, so we’ve been cleaning out the garage.  Where’s an owl when I need it?  Of course, Rose has been using this as an argument for how we need a cat.  This is plea that is falling on deaf ears right now!

Poppy and Lifecycles

We started a new “case” in our Bible Detective summer study.  This time we’re doing the case of the imprisoned tentmaker, and we tried making our own tents with toothpicks, mini-marshmallows and tissues.  Firecracker was valiant in his efforts, and his looks very much like a teepee!

toothpick tents

We continued working through our Veritas Press 1815-Present course.  We finished studying Jacksonian democracy and I learned a lot.  The children did too, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t absorb quite so much as I did.  I’ve decided not to let them start the next week’s lessons until they get back from the beach, but I’m going to have a hard time waiting to learn about the cotton gin until they get back!


We also worked a little bit on WriteShop A this week.  We finished the unit that we were working on, and I’ll be prepping the next unit, so we can start strong on unit 2 when they get back.

write shop

Our Bible school theme this week was “Love God, Love Others,” so we had lots of crafts that were related to hearts.  My favorite was the block heart with nails and red thread that the older children  at Bible school did.  Here’s Firecracker with his, and there’s also a picture in this collage of the scratch art and cross hearts that the other children did.


I guess that’s all for this week.  Next week’s wrap-up should be mostly pictures of the big kids at the beach.  I am planning out our monthly themes for this year while the big kids are gone, so if I get far enough along in planning next week, I’ll try and share some of that.

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2 thoughts on “This Week: Wrapping up Loose Ends

  1. You guys had a very full and exciting week! The burning bushes look beautiful! I wish it was warm where we live. Today is opening day for our little beach and it is cloudy and only 52 degrees. Bethany has been looking forward to going to her favorite place on earth but it’s just too cold!

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