Our Summer Reading Plans

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you about how we’re keeping our children in the word this summer.  Today, I’m back to share with you our summer reading plans. During the school year, we attend a homeschool group bookclub, but during the summer I have to be more intentional if I’m going to share exceptional literature with my children.  So, we had to make a list of books that we wanted to read and experience this summer.

summer reading plans

We’re getting started with our summer reading with a unit study on Poppy from Moving Beyond the Page. (not affiliate)  Poppy is one in a series of fantasy books about Dimwood Forest, so this could expand into a much larger summer reading project that we started out with if the children decide to continue on with the books that come later in the series.  Meanwhile, the children are learning about owls, mice and cycles of power while keeping their language skills fresh for summer.

Another book that we’ve decided to read this summer is James and the Giant Peach.  Roald Dahl is a favorite author around here, and the children intentionally decided that this needed to be a summer read-aloud because we also own the movie version.  Isn’t it great when you can have a movie night after you finish a book?  Don’t you think homemade peach ice cream would be a perfect project to go with this book?

Last summer, we did a lapbook on Alice in Wonderland, so this summer we’ve decided to read Through the Looking Glass.  Firecracker is very excited about that as some scenes from Through the Looking Glass are actually a part of the Disney cartoon Alice in Wonderland.  Also, the book is set up as a kind of chess game, and it’s totally weird and wonderful for him all at the same time.


We also read The Moffats and did a few activities with that during the school year.  The children enjoyed that so much that we’ve decided to read the next book in the series, The Middle Moffat, which focuses on the younger daughter Jane.


We read Little House in the Big Woods this spring and loved it!  So, we’ve decided to continue on with the next book in the series this summer.  It ties in perfectly, because I received these products in the mail this week for review, so we’re going to be really emphasizing the music as we go through these books.


Of course, I’m not sure how we would get through summer without an Angry Bird book to aid our learning!  We’re slowly working our way through Angry Bird: Seasons, pausing as we want to learn more about the holidays in the book.

So, I guess that about does it for what we’re reading this summer.  I think these will be some fun books to aid the children in their learning and keep their skills sharp for fall!  This blog is also part of a Schoolhouse Review Crew summer reading blog carnival.  If you’ll click on the link below, you’ll see some what some of my other friends on the Crew are reading with their elementary school-aged children this summer and what they recommend you share with your children! (Link goes live on 6/11.)

Favorite Curriculum Choices


Also linking up at:  Mama to 5 Blessings


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