This Week: Owls

This week had Memorial Days cutting right through it.  There was time at the pool, a sleepover with Nana, and plenty of time to ride scooters.  It looks like our days of summer fun have begun.

We still managed some school time in the midst of it all though.  It’s rare for us to have a week with no days that I would consider dedicated to school time.  So, here’s some of what we did.

We looked at the virtue of honesty.  Its one that we did more for the little kids than the big ones, but I found that I had a lot of talk about with the big ones too!   I think with the bigger kids some of the things that we stressed were that cheating is the same as lying and not telling us something that you should is also still lying.  It’s amazing how, as the children get older, you can definitely define these virtues even more closely on their levels.

big kid virtue

We’re still working on our summer Bible studies.  This week one of the most fun things we did with that  was to color pasta with sharpies to make a many  colored necklace after we read Joseph’s story from My First Hands-On Bible.

big kids macaroni necklace

This week we used ARTistic Pursuits to learn a little bit about how oil pastels work.  We drew some ocean creatures, and now the kids are actually anticipating their trip to the ocean with Nana and Grandad in a couple of weeks.

oil pastels

We also journaled more about animals and published our first Write Shop project.  I’m glad to actually already have the first unit completed.  It’s something that I’m really enjoying doing with the children.

Write Shop

We also finished learning about the Erie Canal in history.  I was so glad that the Veritas self-paced program included a famous song about the Erie Canal for us to study.  It was a great way to give the children a little taste of a song that always pops into my head when I think about the Erie Canal.

Despite the other things we did, we spent the majority of our time this week, however, working through our Moving Beyond the Page literature study on Poppy.  We talked about forest animals.  We made mouse and owl puppets and acted out scenes from the book. We worked on deciding how to make paragraph breaks in writing.

big kids poppy unit

We worked on conjunctions and combining simple sentences with conjunctions.


We also worked on dissecting owl pellets.  The children aren’t through with them yet.  They’ve decided to clean the bones with peroxide and see if they can reassemble a skeleton.  Yes.  I have mouse bones soaking in peroxide sitting on my kitchen counter.  Eww!  Gross!!

owl pellets

We’re also obsessed with the Lego movie this week.  We’ve even read The Lego Movie novel and compared the differences.

The children made a ramp one day and shot marbles at paper targets they had made.  I thought that was a great and novel use of their time.

Rose also spent some of her spare time creating a button heart.

random big kid

I guess that about does it for our week.  How was your week?  Do you have any summer studies going or are you just enjoying some summer fun?

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2 thoughts on “This Week: Owls

  1. Thanks for sharing at Friendship Friday! We have studied the Erie Canal as part of our NYS History requirement! We’ve to the museum and there are also many places here where you can still see some of the old locks and other places where the canal was. It’s very cool!

    1. Thanks for hosting the link-up! I had never really studied it before, so it was pretty fascinating.

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