Our Preschool Week: a Hodgepodge of Crafts

This week went kind of along the same lines as last week.  The stomach virus I thought had left our house returned with a vengeance over the weekend and got Owlet, Firecracker and Rose.  We had a Memorial Day holiday that was mostly spent by the pool.  The kids spent the night in the middle of the week at my Mom’s house.  What can I say?  It’s really summertime.

We didn’t do a single activity related to Little Hands to Heavenbut we did plenty of fun things. Monkey is ready to get back to Little Hands though.  He has a list of projects he wants to get through. 🙂

We talked about loving our neighbor and we made drawings on big pieces of manila paper.  They are from left to right: Owlet, Monkey and Firecracker.  Rose made one too, but I never got a photograph of it.

Love your neighbor

We read about Joseph’s coat of many colors and made many colored macaroni necklaces to go along with the Bible story.

macaroni necklaces monkey

We finished our train collages from last week ! Yay!  They are from left to right: Monkey, Rose and Owlet.

train collages

We studied a new virtue on honesty this week.  It’s a good one for the little kids because they’re still sometimes having difficulty with truth and lies.  I think it’s common for kids their age not to realize the difference between telling the truth and making up a story.  (Review coming in about a week!)

we choose virtues prek

Monkey loves our ARTistic Pursuits curriculum.  If we go much longer than a week without using it, he starts requesting a lesson, and even though we have the elementary book 1, he is able to answer the questions about the paintings just as well as the older children.  This week we did a lesson on oil pastels, and the children took it very seriously.

oil pastels  little kids

They made mice and owl puppets with the big kids because the big kids are doing a unit study on Poppy right now.  They’ve acted out the story from the first two chapters playing with the big kids enough for Monkey to know the character names and what happens in the story!

owl and mouse puppets

As you can see from the following collage, we had our first swim of the year.  Monkey and Owlet are such handfuls  in the pool that I never get pictures of them in the water, but I do get some funny ones of them in all their floaties and gear!  In fact, the picture of Monkey draped over the recliner asleep is the aftermath of a tiring day swimming 🙂

Monkey and Owlet both are still enjoying their puzzles.  They also made windsock crafts this week as part of a project the big kids were working on that they wanted a taste of.

preschool random

In this collage, I have a random shot of Owlet.  She comes up to me wanting pictures made so she can see herself on my camera screen!

I also have a couple of pictures of Monkey painting with his watercolor crayons and the paintings themselves.  They’re different VeggieTales characters because one night this week we had a VeggieTales marathon.

Finally, we have vacation Bible school next week and the picture in the lower right corner is a picture of the little kids in their Bible school t-shirts.  We have our Bible school in the evenings, so it’s going to be a fun and busy week!

preschool  random 2

That’s about it for my preschoolers this week.  As my title suggests, it was a very crafty  week and totally unfocused!  How was your week?


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