This Week: Perler Bead Crazy

As I mentioned in yesterday’s preschool wrap-up, our week was a little shorter than usual due to preschooler sickness.  So, of course that made our elementary school week just a little shorter than usual too.  Still, I think we got a lot done.

We got full swing into our summer Bible time with a quick study of Joshua.  We even had a special fruit, milk and honey lunch to end our Joshua study.

bible time

The big kids also wanted to help the little kids make paper plate snakes.  The big kids have made them a few times and had some great ideas for designs.

Big kids snakes

We really got into our Veritas Press history class this week.  We’re doing 1815-present, so we spent time learning about the Monroe Doctrine and began learning about the Erie Canal.  The children are really enjoying it.  I’m going to be reviewing it in about a month, and I’ll tell you all about it then 🙂


We continued to work on our addition mastery book and with our addition wrap-up this week.  Firecracker is really loving this.  Rose is frustrated by the fact that she doesn’t know her “plus 2” facts very well yet.  I’ve been scouring Pinterest for games and crafts to help teach her.  I’ve found enough ideas to help her out I think.  I’ll share some of them as we work through them over the next few weeks.

math wraps

The children have also went perler bead crazy.  Firecracker has been busy making Plants vs. Zombies themed creations.  Rose has been using a pattern book, but she’s starting to branch out and make her own “monsters.”

perler beads

We’ve started a unit study on the Avi book Poppy.  We’ve been researching the different animals in the story and making poster maps of the setting of the story.  Now it’s time to start the book 🙂


We’ve also been using WriteShop this week to journal about lots of different animals.  I think Firecracker could write and draw about different animals everyday of his life, but Rose is about ready to move on to the next unit, just so we can change topics.


I guess that’s about it for our week.  How was yours?  Are you guys following any great plans?  Learning any cool new things?


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