Our Preschool Week: Trains and Snakes

We’re in our third week of unit one of Little Hands to Heaven and we still didn’t finish.  That’s painful and true at the same time! LOL  Really, I think we’d have finished unit one, except we had a tummy bug that both Monkey and Owlet caught, so we only ended up with two days of tot school this week.  However, those days were pretty fun-filled, so here’s what we did.

We reviewed the letter A by doing an “A Hide and Seek.”  Owlet didn’t get it at all and just dotted everything.  Firecracker was able to find all the capital As, but that baby a was much more difficult for him.

A Hide and Seek

We introduced a new virtue of “diligent” this week.  This virtue is targeted at the big kids, but the little kids could use some diligence, especially at chore time.


We read about the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve.  We also read about the sneaky snake and how Adam and Eve sinned.  Monkey was all over the idea of snakes and the devil.  Boys!  So we played a game were we jumped over the scarf (snake).  You had to watch out though because sometimes the snake would start moving and try to bite you!

jump the snake

We made bunches of paper plate snakes.  My whole living room floor was starting to be overtaken by the snakes!

prek snakes

We also focused on the number one and how there was one tree that Adam and Eve shouldn’t have eaten the fruit from, but they did!

one tree

We also read a couple of books about trains.  We read Shiny Dinah, which is a song that Rose used to do in Kindermusik.  We also read Donald Crews’ Freight Train.

train books

Then we started painting these paper templates that I found thanks to Lauren at SAHM I am.  We plan to assemble a train, but we haven’t gotten back around to it yet because of the stomach bug the little kids had.

train paintings

Monkey spent the rest of the time that he felt well drawing on the dry erase board and drawing superhero drawings.

monkey drawing

Here are just a couple more random pictures of the little kids this week.  Monkey kept falling asleep in chairs and on couches because the stomach virus left him exhausted.

Of course, Owlet took the opportunity to wear some of Monkey’s superhero masks around the house.  She didn’t ever get as sick as Monkey.  She knew that she’d be in big trouble though if she wore them around when brother was feeling better!

I also have a picture of them feeling better, sitting side by side and working on puzzles.  That’s one of their new favorite things to do.

random prek

I guess that’s about it for this week.  Hopefully, next week I’ll bring you some updates on our train project and lots of great new stuff that we have planned for Adam and Eve and for Cain and Abel.


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