Keeping Our Kids in the Word All Summer

In the summer, things tend to slide.  Kids stay up later.  They get up later.  We don’t have AWANA books to work through or CBS homework to keep us in line.  If we’re not intentional about keeping in God’s word, we might even let that slide too.  So, here is my intentional plan to keep my children (and their Momma) in the word all summer.

First, we have a daily devotion that we spend time with all year round.  This year we’re using the children’s edition of Jesus Calling, a Native American prayer guide from Sonlight, and we’re reading a chapter or two of the Bible each day together (we’re currently working our way through I & II Chronicles).

However, we also have a couple of special resources that we are using.  This summer the children have asked to read through My First Hands-on Bible.  It’s meant for preschoolers, so all four children are joining in, and it has activities, rhymes, etc. after each Bible story.  My children enjoy the hands-on activities so much that this is a perfect way for them to learn more about the Bible.



We’re also doing Focus on the Family’s free summer Bible program.  This year its’ theme is Who Am I?  In addition to the hands-on activities using Bible stories as inspiration, there are riddles and clues to be decoded with a special decoder.  It’s perfect for Firecracker and Rose.

Even though the actual program doesn’t start until June 1, we’ve already started it and solved our first mystery in order to give ourselves a bit of grace for weekends and vacations.



For the preschoolers, their new curriculum we just started has Bible stories built right in, so even if they don’t feel like participating in our hands-on Bible time, they’re still getting the Bible as a part of their day.

So, with all the distractions of summer, how are you fitting Bible time into your family routine?  Is there a special schedule or routine that you’re using?


5 thoughts on “Keeping Our Kids in the Word All Summer

  1. Thank you for posting this. I signed up for the FOTF mystery hunt. Even though my kids are older, I think they might enjoy this, and they will be getting Scripture. Nothing better than that!

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