Art Thursday: Shoal Collages

We’ve been studying the explorers in history.  All the explorers were beginning to run together for the children using our history program, so I decided to pull in a few supplemental resources, and make the explorers come alive.  While we were reading about the explorer John Cabot, I decided to do a project that comes directly from History Pockets: Explorers of North America.

The supplemental book that we’ve been using, Around the World in a Hundred Years: From Henry the Navigator to Magellan has a chapter on John Cabot, mentioning that he was able to catch a bunch of fish while exploring in Newfoundland because he was fishing on shoals.

A shoal is a landform under water where the water is more shallow.  Schools of fishes often gravitate to those areas, especially as spawning points.

To begin, we used our black oil pastel to draw a line on white construction paper dividing the water from the sky.


Then, we used our watercolor crayons to color land, sky and water.  Of course, we then painted those with water and allowed them to dry.  I have to note that the watercolor didn’t spread as well when we painted it on the construction paper as it does when we use watercolor paper. If we did these again, I would probably use watercolor paper.


While we were waiting for our backgrounds to dry, we colored our clip art (from the explorer book) with either our oil pastels, crayons or colored pencils.


When our backgrounds were dried and we glued our fish on, we ended up with some pretty cool collages.  This one is Firecracker’s collage.  You might notice that he decided to flip his boat upside own and have his crew falling out.


This one is Owlet’s.  She actually used the background that I painted and colored and glued her pictures to it.


This one is Monkey’s collage.  He thought that it was so funny that Firecracker put his ship upside own that he had to do the same with his!


Finally, we have Rose’s collage.  She’s a perfectionist and she made sure that it all felt perfect to her as she glued everything down.

shoal collages

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